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Bringing Health To Your Body & Soul


Hi! I’m Michelle Founder
of Faithful Workouts

I’m so glad you are here! In 2009 I founded Faithful Workouts to create a community where people could feel welcomed just as they are and invest in their health, both physically and spiritually. I am far from perfect, but every day I am learning how to follow God more deeply and be the best version of myself. I want nothing more than for you to do the same.

Faithful Workouts is an online Christian ministry providing workouts for all fitness levels, recipes and spiritual encouragement to people all over the world. Over the past 10 years, we have created a massive library of resources to help people grow stronger physically and spiritually. Everything we do is with a purpose to glorify God.

In this community, we workout hard but we also value kicking our feet up to rest in the joy of fellowship with friends and in the stillness of God. We cook healthy recipes but give ourselves permission to enjoy a glass of wine or piece of chocolate. We accept each other’s flaws and imperfections while encouraging each other to pursue growth. No matter where you are right now in your relationship with God and your health journey, you will find this community fun and welcoming.


There are no quick fixes to a healthy lifestyle. It’s a lifelong journey and here you are never alone. Our mission is to provide simple yet effective tools and resources to help you grow stronger in your faith, how to have a healthy relationship with food and having fun through the process so you can love yourself the way God loves you and experience the fullness of a joy-filled life. 

In Matthew 9:37 Jesus reminds us, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few”.  Our foundational goal is to equip ‘workers’ with physical and spiritual strength so they can go into the fields and make disciples. While we believe you can achieve 6-pack abs or lose10 pounds with our program, if that is your goal, our mission is to spread the gospel, to strengthen ourselves and others while getting physically fit. We believe that when we take our eyes off the scale to focus on strengthening the body God has given us and the body of Christ, we achieve our personal goals as a result of our obedience to Him. God honors the effort when it’s done for His glory.

So let go of the discouragement of past failures because other diet and exercise plans you tried didn’t work. Here, we teach you to believe that with God’s help you can do this because we are confident that our FW Free Membership is different from anything you’ve tried in the past!





From the music we play, the messages we share during workouts and the weekly emails you receive, our goal is to point you back to God! We believe that partnering with Him is the only way any of us can find true physical and spiritual health. From our 35 years of fitness industry experience, we know life long health is like a three-pillared stool: faith, fitness and food. A stool can only stand when all three legs are solid.  Through our membership plans, we will encourage you to stay rooted in the word of God so through Him you can experience a life of health, strength, freedom and joy you’ve been searching for.



Whether you’ve been working out for years, or you are just getting started, we have a variety workouts just for you!
• 10 minute workouts
• Hour long workouts
• Workouts to target a specific part of the body
•“Getting Started” workouts
• Workouts with modified options like working out in a chair
• Workouts to challenge your core
• Cardio workouts
• Workouts to improve flexibility and balance
• Fun dancing style PAZAZ! workouts
• Kickboxing, Tabata, Strength training

Bonus – You can workout in the comfort of your home when it fits your schedule!



Making healthy changes starts in the kitchen but for most people, this is where they struggle. Here we’ve got you’ve covered and show you how to have a healthy relationship with food:
•100s of healthy, easy and quick recipes
•“The Fresh Table” cooking shows to walk you through preparing a variety of meals
• Fun, helpful cooking tips and tricks
• Easy on the go meals
• Delicious gluten and dairy free recipes • Low carb recipes
• Guilt free desserts

Healthy eating that will fuel your body and never leave you feeling deprived is just a click away!



We believe exercise and eating healthy is not enough to help you experience the real transformation you are seeking. You need God at the center of your life and health goals which is why focus on filling you up with consistent biblical encouragement. We offer:
• A 40 day Bible reading plan
• Faith filled inspiring messages during our workouts
• Facebook group to encourage you daily in your journey
• Exercising to uplifting Christian music

We pray God will use these tools to draw you closer to Him. When you trust Him, you will be transformed from the inside out and reach new levels of your health journey.



We created our Free Plan because we believe a life lived to the fullest includes a healthy body and soul! Our exercise and nutrition plans incorporate inspiring, Biblical messages to help you dig deeper and grow stronger physically and spiritually. God has created good works for all of us (Eph 2:10) and He has called us to “go and make disciples” (Ma. 28:19) The foundational goal of our membership is to equip you to live the life God has planned for you and share the good news of Christ with others.

Faithful Workouts provides a space where you can be encouraged and strengthened in your own spiritual journey so you can feel confident to be the hands and feet of Jesus within your own community and share the powerful love of Christ.

Through our faith-based tools and resources you can expect to see a dramatic transformation in your strength, energy levels, quality of sleep and overall health so you can start each day with a strong mind, body and soul. We completely believe the joy and peace promised to us in the Bible is possible for everyone who is willing to surrender their fears and past failures at the cross and be healthy God’s way!




Lasting, healthy change happens from the inside out and what makes our program different. It begins with the ABC's of Fitness:

A- Ask God for Help

B- Believe In Who God Created You To Be

C- Check Your Motives

When you put God at the center of your fitness plan it changes everything. God wants you to live life to the fullest, to have a strong body full of energy to love and serve others. We can show you how to align your thoughts and desires with God's will so you can be the amazing person Jesus saved you to be.   


Your plan includes workout videos for all fitness levels. From beginner to expert, low impact to HIIT we have 100’s of workouts to choose from. All our workouts include upbeat, Christian music and inspiring, Biblical messages. Here you never have to worry about inappropriate language or attire so you can encourage a friend, your spouse and kids to work out with you.


We have meal plans, grocery lists and tons of recipes with less then 5 ingredients that take only minutes to prepare so leading a busy life never has to be an excuse to not eat healthy. Gluten, dairy free, low carb and vegetarian recipes options are also included.


Our private Facebook group is included with our FW Free membership where you will connect with real women and moms who can personally identify with the lies of perfectionism and comparison the enemy tries to chain us down with and a community of people who will encourage you right where you are.


Join Us for a Retreat!

Our Faithfully Rooted Retreat is a unique experience unlike any other! We combine the traditional aspects of a health and wellness retreat (exercise, healthy food, community and plenty of rest) but we know that in order to be truly restored we need something greater. Every element of our retreat points back to rooting ourselves in the truth of who God is and learning how to live in a way that is a reflection of that to others. Our retreats offer fitness classes in a variety of styles, cooking lessons and teachings on how to find greater joy, purpose, and health in all areas of your life. We’ve expanded our retreat locations and dates to make it easier to attend. If God is calling you to get away and dig deeper with Him, we look forward to seeing you at our next Faithfully Rooted Retreat!




The FAITHFUL WORKOUTS APP makes it even easier to access our faith and fitness tools which means you can reach your health goals even faster!

We’ve combined even more nutritional recipes, workouts, 14-Day Kick Start Plan, Bible reading plans and daily calendar with a journaling section into one awesome, easy to use app for a more organized, easy-to-access experience allowing you to dig even deeper into your goals with new content added monthly.

The Faithful Workouts’ app is available through our Premium Membership and provides 300+ workouts for every fitness level, healthy recipes and spiritual encouragement no matter where you are in your faith journey.  We even have a daily calendar that suggests workout videos, scripture readings and meal plans for each day, to create a simplified structure for a daily wellness routine. God wants to see you prosper in all areas of your life, physically and spiritually, and we’ve got the tools to help you every step of the way.


Donate to Faithful Workouts

Faithful Workouts is more than a community working to get stronger physically and spiritually, we are also a ministry spreading the good news of Christ! As 501 (c)(3), we rely on donations from supporters to carry out our mission. We are so thankful God is leading you to consider supporting our ministry.  Your tax-deductible donation will allow us to continue to inspire and equip others to get physically and spiritually fit. We believe physical health is important, but we know that spiritual health will have an impact that lasts forever!