Welcome to Faithful Workouts


I'm Michelle Spadafora, and I want to personally welcome you to Faithful Workouts! I've been in the fitness industry since 1984 and have met so many people who struggle to consistently make healthy choices. I've listened to their frustrations and wanted to offer them a program that would allow them to reach their goals. While praying, I felt like God was asking me to take a totally new approach to fitness. It's because of the stories from people like you and from God's prompting that I created our Faithful & Fit Plan. 

What's so different about our approach?

I created Faithful Workouts to be a place where you can come and strengthen your relationship with God while you strengthen your body and mind - a place where you can find great workouts for all fitness levels, receive simple, practical nutritional information, and connect with a real community who knows that the journey to better health is more about encouraging each other and less about being perfect. If you want to get (and stay) healthy for the long term alongside a community who will cheer you on, then you're in the right place.


So how do you get started with Faithful Workouts? It's simple!

1. Start your FREE Faithful & Fit plan today!

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2. Check out our store. We're big believers in workouts that involve strength training, so we incorporate resistance bands, fitness loops and mini balls into many of our workouts. To buy your own equipment make a quick trip to our store. We have a ton of great equipment, clothing and resources just waiting for you!

3. Follow us on social media. We believe that social media can - and should - be used to help to encourage, motivate and inspire others. We think of it as a place to share all that God is currently putting on our hearts, and so following us on social media is a great way to connect with us and to stay excited about your healthy journey.

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So what makes Faithful Workouts different?


God is at the center of all we do.


Workout in your own home

What's better than working out in the convenience of your own home? Our workouts are for ALL fitness levels and designed to help you stay strong and in shape. All our exercise videos are set to upbeat, Christian music and filled with words of encouragement - when you work out with us, we want you to feel like you're working out with friends!

We focus on health

Our programs are designed to keep you healthy, strong and active for life! We're less concerned with achieving a certain number on a scale as we are with keeping our bodies and minds healthy so we can do the things we love to do, and to do the good works that God has planned for us. Here, we're not preparing you for swimsuit season, but for leading an abundantly healthy life.

We keep it simple

At Faithful Workouts, we're all about keeping things simple. Our philosophy is to keep our body strong through total body workouts and easy-to-prepare recipes and menu plans. We keep our minds and souls strong through our commitment to faith and by encouraging each other as a community of believers. We're far from perfect, but what fun is perfect anyway?



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The Faithful Workouts' Foundation

We believe that health is like a three-legged stool - it can only stand when all three legs are solid! Here at Faithful Workouts, the three legs of our stool and the three ways we approach health are as follows:


We integrate faith into all we do! We know it is only with God's help that we can achieve optimal health. Our ABC's of fitness begin with: Ask God for help, Believe He can help, Check your motives. 


Exercise is not just about the number on the scale or your pant size, it's about giving your body strength and energy. It's about being fit to you can go and love and serve others. 

We can feel close to God and be working out consistently, but if we put junk into our body's, we still won't experience true health. Eating nutritious, whole foods is a big part of the health equation.

Want to learn a bit more about Michelle and why she started Faithful Workouts? Want to meet the Faithful Workouts' Team? 


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