Faithful Workouts Podcasts

Going on a walk? Heading out for a run? Need something to listen to? Then you're in the right place. Our podcasts are specifically designed to inspire you when you go for a walk, run or bike ride. Each podcast is set to upbeat Christian music with commentary from Michelle about proper form, and bible verses to keep you encouraged and focused on God. Take Faithful Workouts with you today! (And make sure you subscribe to our podcasts so you never miss an episode!)

You can listen to our podcasts in a few different ways! If you're not sure how to download a podcast - no worries, we walk you through the process. 

Download via itunes

If you have iTunes downloaded into your device you can download our podcasts to your phone, tablet or computer. Simply click the button below,   select the podcast,  click "View in iTunes" and finish by clicking "Get". The podcast will download into your iTunes library.  (best for Apple phones)

download via soundcloud

You can also download our podcasts using Soundcloud. You'll need to register for an account (which you can do as soon as you download the Soundcloud app). Once you're registered, search for our 'FW podcast' and you should find us! (best for Android phones)


Stream our podcasts using the data on your phone

If you don't want to download our podcasts onto your phone (maybe you don't have enough space), you can simply stream and play our podcast from iTunes and Soundcloud. 

**reminder, this will incur data charges on your phone. 

Need some help with our podcasts? Not to worry! Just read on for our podcast FAQs:

What is a podcast?

From the Apple website, "Podcasts are episodes of a program available on the Internet. Podcasts are usually original audio or video recordings, but can also be recorded broadcasts of a television or radio program, a lecture, a performance, or other event."

It's kind of like a pre-recorded radio program!

How much do the podcasts cost?

Our podcasts are 100% free! And even if you have to create an iTunes or Soundcloud account, that's free too. We're only offering our podcasts to our monthly and annual subscribers. 

What can I use to listen to your podcasts?

You can listen to our podcasts on tons of different devices. Phones, ipads, tablets, mp3 players and more! The first thing we'll need you to do is to decide what device you'll want to listen to our podcasts on. Most people choose to use their phones, but you could also use a small ipad or tablet, or even an mp3 player as long as it has internet access. You'll need internet access on the device because you'll need to get on the internet to download the podcast. 

Should I use iTunes or Soundcloud?

If you're going to be listening to the podcasts on your phone, determine what kind of phone you have. Apple phones and products will generally work better with iTunes and android phones and products will work better with Soundcloud. 

How do I download podcasts off of iTunes?

Again, we'll defer to the Apple themselves. They say, "The Podcasts app for iOS provides easy access to popular and featured podcasts using the navigation icons at the bottom of the app. To subscribe to a podcast, tap Subscribe on the page for that podcast. To play a podcast, tap on any episode. To download an episode, tap the iCloud icon in the episode list. You can manage your subscriptions and play podcast episodes in My Podcasts. To learn more, see iOS Podcasts Support." 

Basically, you'll need the podcasts app, and then you can search for our program from there!

How can I download podcasts off of Soundcloud?

Soundcloud says it best, so head to this link to find out how to download podcasts on Soundcloud:

We don't do much with the technical side of the podcasts besides making them, so if you're having problems listening or downloading our podcasts, it's best to contact iTunes or Soundcloud directly. We hope you enjoy!