Faithful Workouts

Physical Education / Health Curriculum

Obesity rates are skyrocketing among youth. It's getting harder and harder for our children to stay true to God's plan for their life. That is why we have created this 18 week curriculum, it will inspire your child to get physically and spiritually fit!

Your child will earn a PE/Health Credit with this exercise program designed especially for 5th-12th graders. The curriculum includes an 18 week workbook and a DVD with three 30 minute workouts. The workouts are fun and upbeat, choreographed to contemporary Christian music. The guidebook includes faith, fitness and fuel (nutrition) components in each week of coursework along with academic and fitness tests.

Curriculum Workbook and Exercise DVD: $32.95


Check out all they will be learning!!

Table of Contents


Week 1:                                     Pages 5 - 13

Faith: Why it’s Important to Know God 

Fitness: What the Bible Says about Exercise

Fuel: What the Bible Says about Nutrition

Week 2:                                     Pages 14 - 21

Faith: God Loves You

Fitness: The Benefits of Exercising

Fuel: The Benefits of Proper Nutrition

Week 3:                                     Pages 22 - 28

Faith: Give God Control

Fitness: How to Add Fun to Your Fitness Routine

Fuel: Your Plate

Week 4:                                     Pages 29 - 42

Faith: Replacing Stress with Peace

Fitness: How Often Should You Workout

Fuel:  Food Labels

Test One:                                      Pages 43 - 44

Week 5:                                      Pages 45 - 52

Faith: Obeying God’s Commands

Fitness:  Proper Form

Fuel: Drinking Water

Week 6:                                     Pages 53 - 59

Faith: Prayer

Fitness: The Warm Up & Cool Down

Fuel:  Breakfast

Week 7:                                     Pages 60 - 69

Faith:  Hearing His Voice

Fitness:  Muscle Confusion

Fuel:  Sugar

Week 8:                                     Pages 70 - 76

Faith: Worship

Fitness: How Hard Should You Workout

Fuel: Whole Grains

Test Two:                                     Pages 77 - 78

Week 9:                                     Pages 79 - 85

Faith: Loving Others

Fitness: Metabolism

Fuel: Healthy Snacks

Week 10:                                     Pages 86 - 92

Faith: Serving Others

Fitness: Muscle Balance

Fuel: How Diet Effects Your Skin

Week 11:                                     Pages 93 - 100

Faith: Who is “Your Neighbor?”

Fitness:  Core Strength

Fuel:  The Fat Dilemma

Week 12:                                     Pages 101 - 107

Faith: Peer Pressure & Confronting Others

Fitness:  Spot Reduction

Fuel: Never Say “Diet”

Test Three:                                     Pages 108 - 109

Week 13:                                     Pages 110 - 118

Faith: What is a Disciple?

Fitness:  Weight Loss Basics

Fuel: Healthy Cooking Tips

Week 14:                                     Pages 119 - 127

Faith: Making Disciples in Your Family 

Fitness: Overcoming Exercise Obstacles

Fuel: “Diet” Mistakes

Week 15:                                     Pages 128 - 136

Faith: Making Disciples in Your Community

Fitness: Kid’s Health

Fuel: Antioxidants

Test Four:                                     Pages 137 - 138

Week 16:                                     Pages 139 - 147

Faith: Making Disciples in Other Nations

Fitness: Exercise = Less Stress

Fuel: Cholesterol

Week 17:                                     Pages 148 - 157

Faith: It’s All God’s

Fitness: Exercise Gear 

Fuel: Eating Disorders

Week 18:                                     Pages 158 - 165

Faith: Who Are You?

Fitness: How exercise affects your learning

Fuel: Fiber

Test Five:                                     Pages 166 – 167

Appendix A: Exercise Fact Sheet:                            Page   168

Appendix B: Answer Key                            Page   169 - 170

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