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Move towards greater physical & health through yoga!

There are so many amazing physical benefits that come from doing yoga consistently, but more than that, we believe that our yoga practice will give you greater peace, joy, purpose and help you to minimize your stress. There is something so powerful about slowing down and listening. During our yoga videos you will be inspired to use it as a time to draw closer to God and strengthen your soul.

During every yoga video we create you can expect to see us use prayer, bible verses and offer uplifting spiritual encouragement. Our videos vary in length, style and difficulty so that no matter how much experience you have with yoga, there will a video just for you! Our hope is that by combining safe physical exercise, with intentional time with the Lord, that you will begin to discover new levels of joy and freedom in all areas of life!

When you sign up for our FW Free Membership you will receive not only yoga videos but workout videos that compliment your yoga practice. Low Impact Cardio, Kickboxing, Strength Training, Dance and more. Also included with your membership are 100’s of healthy recipes from our online cookbook. Optimal health can be found when we include faith, fitness & food!


Try one of our yoga videos!


Here are a few ways that we use yoga as a tool to build strength and flexibility, while growing closer to God!

Lots of variety

One of the most important elements of a healthy yoga practice is variety! Some days you want something upbeat and challenging, while other days you need time to slow down and rest. We try to include a wide variety of videos, so that you can always find what your body and mind need for the day!

Clear physical cues

Sometimes yoga can feel incredibly difficult to follow, especially if you are just starting out! We do our best to always use clear directions so that you don’t have to spend the whole time staring at the screen. We also avoid many technical yoga terms or phrases, so that you can better understand what we’re saying!

Bible verses & prayer

Every yoga video we create will include bible verses, prayer, or at least strong biblical encouragement. We do our best to draw connections between our physical practice and our relationship with God, so that you can truly be worshipping God with your mind, body and soul in every video!

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Our FREE FW Membership gives you access to all types of workout videos, like yoga, yoga fusion, strength training, HIIT and so much more…


Workouts: Kickboxing, Tabata, HIIT (high intensity interval training), Stretching, Core PAZAZ…and loads of new Total Body Workouts for ALL fitness levels. No matter where you’re starting at, we have workouts that will challenge you and leave you feeling proud and accomplished! While working out you’ll be motivated through the upbeat, Christian music. Each workout finishes with a message from Michelle while you stretch.

14 Day Plan: Each day  includes a workout, menu plan, video message, Bible verse or quite and a daily challenge. We want to set you up for success so the first 14 days we will walk closely by your side giving you a structured program to help you establish healthy habits! You will be motivated to get fit physically & spiritually.

40 Day Bible Reading Plan: If you want to read your Bible but aren’t quite sure where to begin, this Reading Plan makes it easy to dive in and get started. Each day you click on the link and you will be connected to a chapter in your online Bible. We believe that lasting, healthy transformation starts from the inside out. Nothing will change you more then the Word of God!

Facebook Group: Our Facebook Group is a community of people on the same health journey as you. It’s a place where you can come and be encouraged, be held accountable, and ask questions of others on the same health journey as you.

Menu Plan with Grocery Lists/Online Cookbook: One of Michelle’s passions in life is cooking! She loves to whip up quick, delicious and, of course, healthy meals! Our daily menu plans (complete with grocery lists) are put in place to help you start to eat healthy again, and our cooking videos and recipes are a great way to learn what’s really nutritious, and to help you start expanding your own cooking comfort zone.

*** Did you know that we also offer Christian yoga retreats?***

If you are interested in taking your physical and spiritual health to the next level, our retreats really are the best way to do that! You'll get tons of in person opportunities to ask questions, get advice, and try some awesome fitness classes, all while relaxing in a beautiful place. Click below to learn more. We hope you can join us for a retreat soon!