Let's bring clean drinking water to the world!

We are teaming up with Healing Waters to bring clean drinking water to 1,000 people!!   


Clean water - a basic human dignity 


Access to clean water is something most of us don't give a second thought about. We wake up take a shower, brush our teeth and make a cup of coffee or pour ourselves a glass of cold water to drink. But for 1.8 billion people access to clean drinking water is not convenient - in fact, for most, it's not even an option. Many have to resort to drinking polluted water, leading to painful sickness and even death.

I can't stand the fact that 5,000 kids die every day because they don't have clean drinking water - unacceptable!



Let's join together and make an impact on the lives of people around the world. But to do that, we need YOUR help!  In order to help raise money and awareness, we've offered you all three, free workouts! 

We're encouraged everyone who participated in any of these live workouts to donate $25 (or more!) to Healing Waters ministry. If you think about the cost of an exercise class, it's not a bad deal PLUS you are sweating for a great cause!  

You can watch all of our live workouts below!


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In August 2009, my family was in England enjoying a home exchange. My husband had just returned to a meeting in the US and I was going to spend the last week in England with my three children, who were 14, 13 and 11.

I woke up one morning feeling off. I was nauseous and a bit weak. I just didn’t feel good. Well, over the next five days I deteriorated. I went to the doctor, who had no answers. Another doctor came to the house – still no answers. My husband was wondering if he needed to fly back. My mom wanted to get on a plane and help. My kids didn’t know what to do.

By day five I was scared. I really couldn’t do anything. I hadn’t eaten anything. I wish I could fully explain what I was going through but it’s hard to put into words. The best way I can describe it is that it felt like every cell in my body was dying. I felt like I was dying. 

I was taken to the hospital, severely dehydrated. They still had no answers, but they gave me lots of IV fluids. I flew home. I needed a wheelchair to get on and off the plane. I could no longer walk. I know the people sitting near me really wanted their seats moved because they did not want to catch what I had. The flight home brought some of the most challenging hours of my life.

When we landed and I heard my husband’s voice on the phone I broke down crying. I screamed, “Just get me to the hospital, just get me to the hospital.” We went straight to the hospital – they loaded me with IV fluids and ran tests, but no answers. We went back home for a day, and then back to the hospital, where at last, they found an answer. 

We finally had a diagnosis. I had contracted a parasite (cryptosporidium) from the drinking water in England. I know — who goes to England and gets a water parasite?

By this time, my digestive system was in bad shape, and my liver results weren’t great either. For 13 days I didn’t eat, and then for 10 days I was on an extremely restricted diet. Not a healthy way to lose weight!

Our goal is to raise $12,000 for this amazing ministry. That would give 1,000 people access to clean drinking water for a year!


We can make clean water accessible to all!

As a parent, it's hard to imagine sending my children to a water source full of sewage and parasites to bathe in and drink. That's why we're so proud to be teaming up with Healing Waters International to raise $12,000 for a new water system in a country where it's needed. Every penny counts and can go a long way in touching the lives of others while spreading the good news of Christ! 

As always thank you for supporting Faithful Workouts and being a part of our community. Let's help change our world for the better!