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Grow. Go. Repeat

Joining us for our LIVE teaching sessions is simple! All you have to do is come to this page during the scheduled day and time and you will see the Live video. If you arrive to this page ahead of schedule simply refresh your page at 5pm and then click play. 

If you missed  a week, not to worry! You'll find our past  teachings by clicking here.

Click the white play button below to watch the teaching session from May 29th. 

Chat with us LIVE!

Simply use the chat on the right to comment or ask questions. 

In order to set your screen name, simply click the words 'set name' on the bottom, right-hand corner of the chat and then you can set a temporary name and hit 'go'. We'd prefer that you don't select anonymous, so we can know who's chatting :) 


Faithful Workouts relies on donations to keep reaching out to the world. One of the things I love about Faithful Workouts is that we get to speak into the lives of many who are still trying to figure out what they believe about Jesus. Many have shared with me that they came for the workouts or recipes and found what they really needed was to know the love and truth of Jesus!

If you feel God putting it on your heart to support our mission you can make a tax deductible donation by clicking below. Faithful Workouts is a non-profit!

 Each week we'll also include a 30 minute workout for you to do before our session if you'd like! You can scroll down or click here to see our first week's workout. Additionally, if you'd would like to chat with other members of the community or simply ask Michelle a questions, you can do that here!

Suggested Workout for Week 4


Let's spread the light and love of Christ! Let's make disciples!