Introducing our new cooking show, The Fresh Table!

How YOU can partner with us!

The Fresh Table will air Saturday mornings at 10:30am on the NRB station on Directv. This means The Fresh Table will be in millions of homes starting July 8, 2017.  For $500 you can sponsor one episode of The Fresh Table. We will list your name, or company name, logo and website at the beginning and end of the program. Seriously, this is the best deal going -  advertising on  Directv for only $500!

 If you'd like to sponsor an episode not because you have a product to promote but just because you believe in our message,  we would love your support and you can choose to not be mentioned as a sponsor.

We're filming these shows as cost-effectively as possible, but it's still a challenge as each show costs about $500 to shoot, edit and produce.  Many people think we get paid by the network but actually we have to cover all production costs for The Fresh Table (and Faithful Workouts). We do this solely because we want everyone to hear the Good News!  

We really believe that this show is going to help give people the freedom and joy they've always wanted in the kitchen, and, hopefully, give them new freedom in Christ as well! 


Why we're doing a cooking show?

The truth is, while I love exercising and helping people lead more active lives, I've always been passionate about cooking! I love the way a good meal brings people together, and some of my favorite memories in life are around a table (hence the name, The Fresh Table).  So we are creating our new cooking shows for three reasons:

1. I want to help people see how easy it can be to cook fast, healthy meals that give their body the fuel it needs. 

2. I want people to feel confident in the kitchen so they feel comfortable inviting people into their home to share a meal. Powerful, even life changing conversations often happen around a table. I think that's why we are told in Romans 12 to invite people into our home for dinner,  and to practice hospitality. 

3. If you know me at all, you know I'm passionate about people hearing about the truth about Jesus. I'm hoping that, while people might tune into the show for the recipes, that they will encounter Jesus as we cook and share stories and scriptures about all the ways that he's touched our lives. We really could not be more excited about this next adventure into the world of TV, and we're hoping you'll partner with us to help make it happen!

Ready to join us? Simply click the button below and donate $500. Then email and let me know your name or the company name and logo that you would like on your sponsorship page. 

Listen to why John Engstrom, a board member for Faithful Workouts, and his wife Karen, decided to sponsor an episode of The Fresh Table. 

How our programs have touched others:

Since my journey began 5 years ago, I am now a member of the F4 plan, exercising 6-7 days a week. I eat very limited processed foods and extremely limited sugar. I cook everything fresh and have extremely delicious and filling meals. I am down 6 sizes, losing a total of 55 lbs! But I think the most important thing about this journey is that I am able to give all the credit and glory to God for what He has done in me and how He has done it. I find the more He builds me up and equips me, the more I respond when He calls me into service. Thank you Michelle and the Faithful Workouts Team for all you do! Thank you for your commitment to your calling, and thank you for being a part of my journey!
— Sheri
I can’t tell you enough how blessed I have been since I found Faithful Workouts on my TV. Since finding your program, I can’t wait to workout and I enjoy every minute of it. Not only am I getting a great workout, but I feel the presence of God throughout my workout. I find myself praising Him instead of complaining! Through these past few months, I have also been called into ministry. I have heard God speak clearly through you. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel.
— Amber
[in regards to our week long Restart Program]: I praise God for you and your staff. The lessons were so powerful and spirit filled, and I was impacted by all of the days of Restart ... This week has taken that spirit of fear away. Praise God! This has been the best week of peace for me. I looked forward each day for the lessons. I no longer believe the lies and I am moving forward with God’s help. I really can’t express how grateful I am for your ministry. I look forward to the coming days. God bless you all.
— Irene

Partner with us today and help us to continue impacting people for the kingdom!

Faithful Workouts' is a non profit  and we rely on donations to create new programs and reach more people. If you would like to support our mission but are not in a position to sponsor an episode of The Fresh Table we appreciate donations of any size.