Faithfully Rooted Retreats 2019


The Faithfully Rooted Retreat is a retreat unlike any other! We combine the traditional aspects of a health and wellness retreat (exercise, healthy food, community and plenty of rest), but we know that in order to be truly restored we need something greater. That’s why every element of our retreat points back to rooting yourself in the truth of who God is, and learning how to live in a way that reflects that. Each day we will have fitness classes in a variety of styles, cooking lessons, and teachings on how to find greater joy, purpose, and health in all areas of life. We’ve expanded our retreat locations and dates, so that hopefully no matter where you live, if God is calling you to join us at a retreat, then He will make it happen for you to be there!


All Faithfully Rooted Retreats Include:

     ✔  Four days of inspirational teachings, encouraging coaching, and uplifting community
     ✔  Gourmet, healthy meals PLUS fresh & fun cooking classes
     ✔  One on one coaching session to develop your customized plan
     ✔  Workouts for all fitness level
     ✔  Exercise equipment package:  exercise band, fitness loop & ball


Here's what Jennifer had to say about her retreat experience:

"As a longtime fan of Faithful Workouts, I was so excited to attend the Faithfully Rooted Retreat in Tampa, Florida. I knew that the experience would be fulfilling. After all, everyday would entail likeminded women sharing Michelle, her workouts, clean eating, and lots of God in beautiful Florida! 
What I did not expect was how God would meet me in Florida to expose my utter brokenness. Michelle, Jeff, and Denika ministered God’s truth, like pure water, to the thirsty parts of my heart and soul that were slowly dying in an effort to please both God and the world. I was absolutely a prisoner to people and their approval, but I left that retreat set free. 
For the first time in my life, I am seeking God’s assignments, not the world’s opportunities. I can put forth a courageous “Yes” or a confident “No” if God demands that of me, and I never look back for anyone’s approval."

The CA and FL retreats are only for women. Men are welcome at our Colorado retreats in June and August.

Find the Dates & Location That’s Right For You:


Evergreen, Colorado: June 6-9 and August 22-25

Join us in the beautiful Colorado mountains for a weekend of adventuring, resting, serving and learning! Spend your days in awe of the natural beauty that God has created, while hiking, doing yoga and deepening your relationship with Christ. The retreat will take place at the Spadafora’s retreat center in Evergreen. We can’t wait to share this gorgeous place and this life changing weekend with you. Spaces are limited, but lucky for you we are running, not 1, but 2 retreats in Colorado this year! Pick the dates that work best with your schedule.


Tampa, Florida: October 3-6

We are so excited to be going back to Tampa, FL for another Faithfully Rooted Retreat! Join us October 3rd-6th for a refreshing weekend where you will go home encouraged, inspired and equipped to make healthy decisions in all areas of life. Between fitness classes and spiritual teachings, you can relax by the pool or paddle down the river with a kayak or paddle board. Last year at this retreat, we watched as God broke chains and brought freedom and transformation to the people who attended. This year, we hope that you too can experience the life changing power of rooting yourself in God’s love!