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Make healthy meals in no time!


Eating healthy doesn't have to be complicated! With our FW FREE Membership cooking healthy, nutritious and delicious meals has never been easier! Sign up today and immediately gain access to our Cookbook with 100's of recipes, weekly menu plans and grocery lists!

Sign up for our FW Free Membership and start fueling your body with great tasting and life giving recipes. 

I’m sure you know that healthy eating can make a huge difference in the way you feel and help you to get to a healthy weight BUT we also know that exercise is super important. When you sign up for the FW Free Membership not only will you get easy to follow nutritional support, you will also gain access to fun, uplifting workouts for all fitness levels. The other great thing about your free plan is it will help you to address the stress in your life. All our workouts include inspirational messages Plus your membership includes access to our 40 Day Bible Reading Plan!

Learn What Makes Our View on Food Unique 

If you're ready to start making some healthy changes, we're right here with you! We don't try and provide you with another quick-fix or fad diet. If you look up the word diet, it actually comes from the Latin word diaeta which means “way of life”.  A “diet” should not be a quick fix but a way of life! That’s why our nutrition plans are all based on the fact that God created our bodies and God created food, so eat what God created in its most natural state. If you're ready to make healthy eating a part of your life, you're in the right place!


Simplicity Wins

Our recipes and meal plans are designed around the rule that simplicity is best! Eating healthy doesn't mean you need hours of prep or hundreds of dollars. Most of our recipes take less than 30 minutes to prep and are always budget friendly!


Moderation Over Depravation

At Faithful Workouts, we're not about depriving ourselves. Whether it’s breakfast, dinner or dessert, we focus on cooking healthy, delicious recipes that won't make you want to binge. It's all about balance!


Family Friendly

Raising three kids of my own, I know how hard it can be to cook something that everyone in the family will enjoy! We offer healthy-twists on the foods your family already loves, and some new ones that they'll be excited to try!


Does this sound like you? If so, you’re in the right place!

  • Wanting to eat healthy but not sure where to start

  • Busy without much time to cook

  • Surrounded by a family of picky eaters!

  • Not ready to give up dessert

  • Unable to end the cycle of binge eating

  • Needing to eat gluten-free, dairy-free or vegetarian and wanting to find healthy options

  • Wondering if healthy recipes can be delicious and filling

  • Ready to start living with more energy

At Faithful Workouts, the meals we cook are designed to be quick, cost-effective and, above all else, delicious! Our promise is that our recipes and meal plans won't leave you feeling deprived and hungry. They are not only full of flavor, but also filled with vitamins and nutrients that will give you strength and energy! 

What else is include in the FREE Faithful Workouts’ plan?

There’s so much more!

  • Over 60 online workouts for every fitness levels

  • 14 Day Kickstart Plan to Launch you towards better health

  • Healthy cookbook with over 100 recipes (gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian options!)

  • Menu plans, grocery lists and cooking videos 

  • A community Facebook group to share your victories, challenge and get encouragement!

The Faithful Workouts' App-2.png

 We also have a Faithful Workouts’ app that can be a huge asset to your online membership! The app includes all of the same resources that our online membership does, plus more!

Most of us use multiple apps, online memberships, websites, books, or other resources as guides for our physical and spiritual needs. We’ve taken all of those resources and combined them into one awesome, easy to use app. The Faithful Workouts’ app provides workouts for every fitness level, healthy recipes and spiritual encouragement for no matter where you’re at in your faith journey.  We even have a daily calendar that suggests workout videos, scripture readings and meal plans for each day, to help take the confusion out of how to structure a daily wellness routine. A life glowing with physical and spiritual health can be yours, and we’ve got everything necessary to help you along the way.