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Then this 12-Day Joy Devotional - written by my husband and the author of The Joy Model, Jeff Spadafora - might be for you!

"One of the most beautiful, exciting, and gracious promises of God is that His followers will experience joy in their lives. Yet for many believers, the most frustrating thing about their faith is that joy constantly eludes them. They live with a measure of confidence that they are going to heaven after they die and that the moral code of Christianity is the best route in life, but few actually experience what could be called joy. They are certainly not experiencing a consistent feeling of peace and fulfillment regardless of their circumstances."

If you're ready to dive into what it means to live with lasting joy, then let's get started. This devotional is the perfect accompaniment to your Joy Model book (which you can purchase below!). Once you sign up, we'll send you an email (one email a day for 15 days) that will walk you through the process of finding a life that is fulfilled, at peace, and bursting with joy. 

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We've even got some accompanying videos to go along with our devotional! Keep checking back here everyday for the latest installment

Joy Devotional 1: Why Jeff wrote about Joy

Here, Jeff Spadafora (my husband and the author of The Joy Model) walks us through his background and why he's qualified to tell us about joy. He'll also tell us what inspired him to write the book, and why he feels so many committed Christians are missing out on joy. Take two minutes and watch this one!

Joy Devotional 2: Happiness vs Joy

Ever wonder what the difference between happiness and joy is? Ever wonder why your mood seems to always depend on your circumstances? Then watch this video and find out how you can live with a view of eternity that can never be shaken, even by the most massive of life's storms. 

Joy Devotional 3: The Model to Joy

In this video, Jeff explores the balance between "doing" and "being." There's a balance there that can either lead us into a life of joy, or a life of disappointment and frustration. Find out how to get the former here!

Joy Devotional 4: Who are you?

Who do you want to be? How are you growing in your knowledge of God and love of God? The more that we get to know who we are, and who we are in light of what Christ did for us, the more we can grow in both trust and joy. 

Joy Devotional 5: Introduction to the M.A.S.T.E.R. Plan

In this video, Jeff introduces us to the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan that he developed through years and years of life coaching with the Half-time Institute. In this video, Jeff goes over the M portion of the master plan - margin. How do you create the time and space in your life for rest and God and joy? Watch on!

Joy Devotional 6: A is for Abide

In this video, Jeff elaborates on the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan that he developed through years and years of life coaching with the Half-time Institute. In this segment, Jeff tells us about the A in our master plan, abide. How do we learn to abide in Christ, and how does it influence our joy?

Joy Devotional 7: S is for Self-awareness

Jeff talks to us today about the power of self-awareness and in understanding who you are - in terms to both your strengths and weaknesses. But how does our self-awareness bring us deeper levels of joy? Watch and find out!

Joy Devotional 8: T is for treasure

Is there anything that brings us more anxiety than money? Today, Jeff launches into our fourth letter of the M.A.S.T.E.R. plan, and reminds us of the great freedom and joy that can come from understanding how money works in the kingdom of God.

Joy Devotional 9: Our second T is for temple

Our physical bodies are important to God! We're God's plan A for distributing his grace and peace and love into the world - and it's important that we steward well the bodies that he's given us. If we don't take care of our body, how can God trust us with other things?

Joy Devotional 10: E is for Engaged in your calling

We all have a calling, and in this segment, Jeff talks about the importance of our calling when you want to live with unstoppable joy. There are things that only YOU can uniquely do, and engaging in those things can lead to rivers of joy!

Joy Devotional 11: R is for relationships

R might be last in our M.A.S.T.E.R. plan line-up, but it's definitely not least! Second to our relationship with God, our relationships with others can be the biggest direct influence on our joy. And it's not all about how others treat us - a huge part of safe-guarding our joy is being able to love people the way Jesus did, no matter what. 

Joy Devotional 12: The Model to Joy

Here, Jeff reviews his M.A.S.T.E.R. plan and give us the encouragement to accept that joy is a process - as is all of life! But, if you commit yourself to aligning yourself with God and pursuing joy, even if it seems to cost something in the short term, you will find it.  

Ready for more?

If you loved our 15-day Joy Devotional, or if you're just looking for some purpose and God-centered direction in your life, check out The Joy Model!

“Joy is a human condition which God Himself has designed for each of us. As we experience Joy, we come to understand how it transcends the ups and downs of life on planet earth and offers peace and assurance in all circumstances. But, getting to a place of Lasting Joy is a journey which requires balancing Being and Doing. Here, Jeff Spadafora presents a Joy Model for daily living which can transform us into models of Joy. As does the Lord, Jeff wants that for your life.”


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