Faithful Workout Leader Training Series

We really want you to be the best leader you can be - that's why we wrote our leader's guide, set up this accompanying website, and now, why we're doing a series of training videos! We'll be bringing you advice from those who've lead before, and after watching these videos, we're hoping you feel more confident, prepared, and excited to lead than ever before! We'll continuously update this page as we have the opportunity to record more, so keep checking back for new videos. 

1: Lessons from a Life Coach [featuring Jeff Spadafora]

We're so excited to bring you our first online training video! This is something we've been working toward for months now, so we're so pumped that we get to finally release it to all of you. This video is interview style with my amazing husband, Jeff, and we take a look at the difference between leading and counseling, how to make sure everyone gets a chance to speak, and how you can best come along side people to help them to reach their spiritual and physical goals. It's 20 minutes, but there's so much packed in here that you might want to have some pen and paper handy to take notes!

2: The key to breakthrough in your group [featuring Bree Rossi]

In this video, I'm interviewing my niece, Bree! Bree has a ton of leadership experience in both the secular and christian worlds, and today she's bringing us what she's found to be the key to leading well.

Vulnerability - it means being our authentic and true selves - but how important is it for leading a group? If you're ready how you can learn to harness the power of vulnerability in your group and start unlocking freedom and grace, then take 20 minutes to watch this video!