Welcome to the Faithful Workouts' Leadership Training Site!


We're so excited that you've decided to become a Faithful Workouts leader. We really believe that change happens in community--Jesus had a group of 12 disciples, and they changed the world! We've designed our Leader's Guide and Leader's Website to set you up for success. No matter if you're leading a group of 20 at your church, or a group of 3 from your home, we've got you covered. In the sidebar to your left, you'll see we have a leader prework page, where you'll find all the materials you need to start your class off right. You'll also find a marketing page, where you'll be able to download brochures, flyers, and other Faithful Workouts materials that you'll be able to use for promoting your group. And, of course, you'll see that you have access to all 12 weeks of the study. 

We really want to support you as a leader, and so we've tried to include everything you might need right here. We're so encouraged that you felt called to lead a group, and we're excited to see what God does through you!