Introductory Class

Hosting the introductory class is very important to ensure that you are getting everyone off on the right foot. What should be accomplished in this first class:

  • you as the leader will introduce yourself and lay out the format for the next 12 weeks
  • watch the introductory ReIgnite video
  • watch the preview of week 1 workout
  • ordering ReIgnite Books and equipment: the best and most cost-effective way to do this is for you to order the groups' materials and use the coupon code fwleader for a 15% discount on orders over $75. Another way to order, is to have each participant purchase his/her own materials from our store.
  • participants will sign and turn in all pre-class forms 
  • as a group, watch the Proper Form video and practice together (this can be your workout if you'd like)
  • walk through how to set SMART goals with the group
  • hold a Q&A time where participants can ask questions or voice concerns
  • assignment: have participants read and complete ReIgnite Week #1
  • encourage people to invite family and friends to the class

*we prefer you host this introductory class in person, but if for some reason you cannot, it's okay to communicate the above information through email or phone. Be sure each participant comes prepared to Week #1 with all above materials. 

Proper Form Video for Class

Proper Form Video for Leader

ReIgnite Workout Preview

Reignite Introduction Video for Class