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Welcome! Here at Faithful Workouts, we really believe in community - especially when it comes to the power that a solid community has to inspire, challenge and motivate us. We wanted to create a place where you could hear about the trials, struggles and eventual victories of your fellow Faithful Workouts followers! Fill out our form below and tell us how our programs or messages have inspired you to greater levels of physical and spiritual fitness. 

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I have been convicted about my eating habits and ‘wishy washy’ exercise habits for years. In my mind I realized I never thought I would be able to consistently make good health choices. I’ve been praying about it for years as well. I decided to fast the other day and ask God to give me wisdom concerning my health and to break any strongholds that I have allowed Satan to put in my life. He lead me to Jeremiah 17: 5-8 (which was exactly where I opened my bible during my morning reading-pretty cool). I realized I’ve put my trust in my own human strength which is having a heart that ‘turned away from God, a stunted shrub in the desert with no hope for the future’. This brought to mind my future health concerns that I see everyday in my line of work; diabetes, heart disease, CVA etc. I want to ‘Trust in the Lord and make the Lord my hope and confidence”. To be a tree planted along a riverbank with roots that reach deep in the water, fruitful and healthy.” God lead me to your website that evening and I’ve been enjoying your workout videos and resources. Thanks for your encouraging words and being faithful to His call on your life. I just want to honor God by taking care of His temple and to be healthy and strong. I completed the Pazazz workout this morning (beginner). Loved the message about David, hadn’t heard that before. I also enjoyed the cooking video with your son-in-law. I learned a lot. Thanks again, I’ll be praying for you and your ministry. You are making a difference
It is not possible for you to see the impact of what you do everyday, especially in this format. Even to tell you how much it’s ment to my life ... it’s hard to explain in one message. I happened upon your workouts during a very low time in my life. I never worked out until a little over a year ago but I was so weak and worn down physically, emotionally and spiritually that I had to make some changes! Your videos helped me find my way back up. I am now in a season where I am trying to find a church home again the daily reminders in the workouts help me to keep moving forward. So again thank you, thank you for letting God use you! Though you cannot often see it you are making an impact.
I just needed to share that today I broke down in tears and laughter simply while doing one of your Pazaz workouts. I’ve been a member here for over a year, and more than just helping me make a change in my physical health, this program has helped me mend my spiritual health. I was raised in a Christian home and grew up knowing all about Jesus and believing it, but never feeling it. I knew so many other people in my family and in the church who would talk about feeling God’s presence, hearing His voice, but I myself have always been so down to earth and grounded, and believed that it was just something that I personally wasn’t sensitive to. Over the past year and a half I feel I’ve been able to grow closer to God through your workouts and your teachings, to the point where I could understand Him better and even see his influence, but still, not feel Him genuinely. With a difficult week and some personal struggles, something today clicked. I didn’t really want to do a workout, but the one that came up on the calendar, was Pazaz, one of my favorites, and it felt like God was giving me something I needed. I was dancing with you and Sharon and Paula, and I’d listened the songs many times before but this time really heard them and their words. It all sounds cliche, and it all sounds so trite, but it is hard to describe what feelings finally came through. I was laughing and crying, feeling joy and peace and sorrow and Him all at the same time. I know that this won’t happen every day, but I also know now that that’s okay. As long as we stay faithful to Him, as long as we keep coming back day after day to His word (and to His workouts!) He is there, always, regardless of the big picture, regardless of the little things, regardless of how close or how distant you feel from Him day after day, or year after year. He is there, and he always will be, and if we stay faithful to Him, He will make His presence known, and He will bring good things and great blessings and joy.

Thank you, again and again and again, the work you are doing for Him makes more of a difference, makes more of an impact on those of us far away than you will ever know. He has clearly blessed you and others through you, and I could not be more grateful to Him and to you. - Autumn
The goal is not about making you look ready for the beach, but it’s about getting you ready for a level of health and fitness that allows you to do things you never even dreamed you could do.
— Julie S.

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It has been a fantastic journey with you and Faithful Workouts!!  I believe your program is so successful because it truly is the heart of God that we are healthy and happy in all aspects of our being!! I think I've been following you for about 16 months now...(F3 & F4) and the outcome is truly a blessing. I'm specifically benefiting from the workouts, inspirational topics and faith challenges.  What benefits me is to make small changes, focus on the things I can do (and not on what i can't) and when my thoughts want go negative, I take them captive and replace it with WORD that you shared in a specific workout for the day (and when I skip a workout, I use scripture (TRUTH) from previous workouts or just as God leads and I let Him transform me!  And like God's grace is new everyday... in the same way everyday I have a new day to be faithful to Him. Not only do I look and feel better about my body on the outside (- fat + muscle + posture + confidence), but I SEE that when God changes me on the inside it will be lasting change.

Theresa's Story

"Today starts my 5th week at Faithful Workouts and I feel amazing. I have been working out 5 day per week and love the challenging workouts. The day I became a member of Faithful Workouts, I prayed to God for help. I ask God to help me find a workout program that was right for me. I needed something that would help with my knees, I had surgery on my left knee and now its time for my right knee. I can't afford to pay a lot of money for a program, so I googled healthy eating and faithful workouts popped up. When I tell my friends about Faithful Workouts, they say this is right up my alley. Every day starts at 4am, I do my Faithful Workouts' workout than I get encouraged with the different testimonials."


Nancy's journey

Ever since my introduction to Faithful Workouts I have discovered the truth about WHY I want to take care of myself, which I believe is the key to REAL change. I realized after a short time, there was something very different about the approach Faithful Workouts took to fitness. It wasn’t a new fad diet or weight loss program but a platform of encouragement to get to know God and WHY HE created me, what HIS plans are for my life. It was no longer about my agenda of wanting to stay looking fit and trim for my own visual satisfaction.

It really wasn’t until I surrendered all areas of my life, which included my health and fitness regime, did I learn God wants ALL of me and wants to be fully integrated into every aspect of my life. I looked at my relationship with God and turned my focus on Him. Once I surrendered my thoughts to HIM, the heavy burden of “I have to go exercise, diet, look good” became “I am so thankful I am healthy enough to exercise and have healthy food choices” . Turning my focus on God gave me the hope and the very personalized fitness program HE has planned for me. Today HE is my personal trainer along with the helpful tools Faithful Fitness provides. I listen to Him and the truth He speaks in his written word not the lies that this world would have me believe. His word provides the most powerful, transformational health manual ever published. 


Eileen's story

In 2010 a friend invited me to do Faithful Workouts with her. At first, the faith piece seemed a bit weird as I didn’t understand how physical health tied into faith. As time went on, my life became more balanced with exercising, eating well, spending quality workout time with friends, listening to good Christian music and Michelle’s messages are just so inspiring. It started becoming the favorite hour of each day and I wouldn’t even think of missing a workout. I liked feeling energized both physically and spiritually.

My family noticed the positive changes in me. Today, I am thrilled to say that my marriage, parenting and whole life has changed. It’s also having a positive ripple effect on family... and it’s so amazing to witness. Thank you Faithful Workouts for modeling what a balanced Christian life is all about. 


Julie's Perspective

There was a time when I thought I was too busy to exercise. I knew I was carrying extra pounds I did not need but I figured my gene pool was to blame for this. If asked, I may have told you I was content with myself but, truthfully, I was settling for a lesser version of my health and fitness than God ever intended for me. That all changed, the very first time I heard Michelle speak. It was such a different message—exercise so you can live life to the fullest and have the strength and energy to do it.

Since becoming a “regular” with Faithful Workouts, I have achieved (with God’s help) things I never dreamed possible: 2 full marathons, 4 half marathons and tough bicycle race that was 120 miles long and climbed 10,000 feet. But the best thing that Faithful Workouts enabled me to do was to take a high-need, 21 year old girl with Cerebral Palsy to a weeklong Christian camp. I could never have performed all the assisted activities and transfers without the strength, endurance and encouragement that Faithful Workouts has provided me for the last six years! The message of Faithful Workouts is a one-of-a-kind! The goal is not about making you look ready for the beach, but it’s about getting you ready for a level of health and fitness that allows you to do things you never even dreamed you could do.