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If you're looking for a fresh start, then click here to join our Restart Week! If you're new with us, this is a great place to begin and to start to experience freedom from the physical and spiritual obstacles that are holding you back from health!

Are Your Ready For More? Try Our f4!

At Faithful Workouts, we take a comprehensive approach to health, focusing on the mind, body and spirit. Our new, f4 plan is specifically set up to provide you with all the tools you need to start living a more spiritually and physically full and healthy life! If you're ready for change, and if you're ready to break free from unhealthy habits, then join our new, f4 plan today! 

It has been a fantastic journey with you and Faithful Workouts!! I believe your program is so successful because it truly is the heart of god that we are healthy and happy in all aspects of our being!! I think I’ve been following you for about 16 months now...(f3 & f4) and the outcome is truly a blessing. I’m specifically benefiting from the workouts, inspirational topics and faith challenges. What benefits me is to make small changes, focus on the things I can do (and not on what I can’t) and when my thoughts want go negative, I take them captive and replace it with word that you shared in a specific workout for the day (and when I skip a workout, I use scripture (truth) from previous workouts or just as God leads and I let him transform me! And like God’s grace is new everyday, in the same way everyday I have a new day to be faithful to him. Not only do I look and feel better about my body on the outside (- fat + muscle + posture + confidence), but I see that when God changes me on the inside it will be a lasting change.
— Corné

Discover the Missing Piece

Faith: could it be the missing piece in your fitness plan! If you want to break free from the fitness frustration cycle, it begins by asking God for help. With God's help, along with the tools that Faithful Workouts provides, you can transform your health.

All our exercise videos include uplifting, Christian music that leave you feeling inspired and hopeful. We have workouts for ALL fitness levels.  

Our menu plans include simple, quick recipes using natural ingredients. This is not a fad diet, it's a way of life! Keep reading below to see how faith, fitness & food - can change your life!


At Faithful Workouts, we've learned that it takes a lot more than a quick fix diet, or the latest and greatest workout trend to help you get healthy. To be healthy inside and out, we have to look to God for help. Something incredible happens when He is at the center of all we do. We want you to be physically fit, but, more importantly, we want you to be spiritually fit and in a growing relationship of hope and freedom with Jesus.

We are more concerned with what you'll gain from our programs and less concerned with you'll lose. 

We hope you gain:

  •  Freedom from unhealthy habits
  •  Strength, energy & confidence
  •  A new hope & understanding of how loved and beautiful you are

Ready to move forward with your fitness journey today? Start with our NEW F4 plan! It has 125+ faith-based workout videos for ALL fitness levels,  meal plans, recipes, a daily Faith & Fitness calendar , podcasts, webinars, weekly articles and devotionals, inspiring stories from people you can connect with and more! We also have a free f3 plan that incorporates some of the features of our f4 plan. It can be a great place to get started!


Faithful Workouts’ approach to fitness is a definite departure from most other workout programs. We focus on positivity, thankfulness, and community - not guilt, shame, and pressure. We care more about what you gain in confidence, strength, energy, and faith than what you lose in pounds and waist size. When you workout with Faithful Workouts, we hope it feels like you have friends working out with you in your home. 

If starting an exercise program is daunting to you, Faithful Workouts let’s you build on your current foundation. Most workouts include low-impact options with exercise modifications to suite every fitness level. 

Interested in getting access to 125+ workout videos, which feature new exercises, tips & tricks to making your workouts work for you, and, of course, an uplifting, Christian message to go along with each workout. We've got all you will need to get physically and spiritually fit, and if you're interested in joining our Faithful Workouts' community, check our NEW F4 plan today! 


At Faithful Workouts, we believe in creating a lifestyle of eating healthy, not quick fix diets. There are no magic solutions, so we offer clever and helpful ways to make healthy food choices easier and faster. So many people struggle and battle with food and dieting and feeling engulfed in shame and condemnation - we're here to break that cycle. We say no more to enslavement to food!

At Faithful Workouts, our food philosophy is simple:

  • Unprocessed, organic (when possible), natural food
  • Focus & emphasis on changing thoughts and habits concerning food
  • Saving time & money by planning and intentionality
  •  Not making food the enemy or the reward


Are you ready to start on the journey to better health?

If you're ready to start this journey - if you're ready to partner with God and break the cycle of procrastination and busyness and start getting healthy in all areas of your life, then we're here for you. The best way to get started is by signing up for one of our many, comprehensive faith, food & fitness plans! Our newest f4 plan includes weekly meal plans, 100+ workouts and recipes, and a ton of helpful tips and tricks you can use to eat and workout and live a healthy life! 

If you follow the Faithful Workouts eating plan, consistently workout with our videos and ask God to guide you on this journey, you will be on your way to better health! You can do this! It doesn't matter how many times you've failed or what brought you here in the first place - if you're ready for breakthrough, then sign up for one of our plans and let's get started!

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