Florida Retreat




  • October 3rd-6th 2019


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  • Retreat Cost: $795 (this includes transportation to and from retreat, exercise equipment, teaching materials, all food and drink costs, one-one-one coaching session)

  • Housing Options:

    • Private Room at Retreat Center: $600 (only 2 rooms available)

    • Shared Room at Retreat Center: $400 (only 4 spots available)

    • We also recommend the Hilton Garden Suites, Brandon (10 min. from retreat location). The current rate is $108/night. If you stay at this hotel we will pick you up each day and take you to the retreat center and bring you back.

    • If you don’t need lodging or would like to stay in a different location feel free to stay wherever you would like and just meet us at the retreat location each day!

Included In Your Faithfully Rooted Retreat:

     ✔  Four days of inspirational teachings, encouraging coaching, and uplifting community
     ✔  Gourmet, healthy meals PLUS fresh & fun cooking classes
     ✔  One on one coaching session to develop your customized plan
     ✔  Workouts for all fitness level
     ✔  Exercise equipment package:  exercise band, fitness loop & ball


I hope one of these mats has your name on it. Sign up today. Space is limited to only 16 guests per retreat.