What does it really mean to be fit?

Our approach to fitness puts God at the center. We want to create and cultivate a community of believers who know that being fit it so much more than a number on a scale or six-pack abs. When you workout with Faithful Workouts we hope it feels like you have friends encouraging and working out with you right there in your home.  

If starting an exercise program is daunting to you, Faithful Workouts let’s you build on your current foundation. Most workouts include low-impact options with exercise modifications to fit your needs. 

My own experience and countless studies show that the most effective fitness programs include cardio, strength, core, balance, and flexibility exercises. This is why Faithful Workouts Faithful & Fit Plan offers over 200 + exercise videos for every age and fitness level.

Here are some things you’ll only hear in a Faithful Workouts session:

  • “Don’t think about the exercises you didn’t do - focus on what you DID do.”
  • “Be thankful you are healthy enough to exercise!”
  • “Give your 100% today. Only you know what that is. Go for it!”

Whether you’re just starting out or a competitive athlete, if dance is your love or if you’d rather stick with weights, our wide variety of exercise routines have something for everyone. The best way to get started is to sign-up for our Free Faithful & Fit Plan. Each day you will have all you need to strengthen your mind, body and soul!.

Our Faithful & Fit Plan, will give you access to over 200 exercise videos, step by step workout/challenge calendars, printable goal sheets, menu plans with hundreds of recipes, podcasts and more. And be sure to check us out on our blog and on social media for workout tips and new exercises! We can't wait for you to start!