Faithful Workouts F4 Plan FAQs

Have questions about your new plan? Well we've got the answers. Read on below to find the in's and out's of your new plan, and answers to common questions. 


Making changes to your information/canceling your subscription

If you need to make any changes to your current account information—a change in email address, phone number, credit card number (this is a big one if you’re on the monthly plan, as your access will stop once your credit card expires), password, etc—then you’ll need to access the My Profile page. 


Screen Shot 2016-09-17 at 2.58.06 PM.png

To access your My Profile page, you’ll need to click on the 3 bars, as indicated above. 


Once you click on that, a window similar to this one will pop up. Click on the My Profile as shown in the bottom left-hand corner.


Once you’re on the My Profile page, you can edit your information, or cancel your subscription. To cancel, scroll all the way to the bottom of your My Profile page and click Cancel Subscription.

Updating your credit card information

In order to keep your Faithful Workouts' f4 subscription active, you'll need to ensure that your credit card information is up-to-date. If you've gotten a new credit card or your card is about to expire, you need to make sure that information is updated in your profile, so that your f4 plan isn't stopped

  1. Access your "my profile" page. If you're unsure how to do that, please reference the images in the question above. 
  2. Then, once in your My Profile page, you'll be able to edit your credit card/payment information right there. When finished, scroll down to the very bottom of the page and make sure you click the UPDATE button (shown to your left)
  3. Then, you're done!

Why does the system keep logging me out?

The system will periodically - if you're not active on the site - log you out as a precaution for the privacy of your account. If you'd like to ensure that you remain logged into your site until you choose to log out, then, when logging in, select the STAY LOGGED IN button, as shown in the picture below. You shouldn't have the problem of being logged out anymore!

Why are some of our workouts available for download, but others aren't?

Hello! Excellent question. Based on some user feedback, we've decided to utilize Vimeo On Demand video service to sell some of our workout videos online. Our followers have told us they love the convenience of having our workouts right there on their computer for those scenarios when you might not have internet (or the internet just isn't very good). We're still selling all of our DVDs which can be a great no-internet option, but for those who don't have a DVD player or would rather just download the workout, this can be a great option.

So, all of our workouts are available for download - it's just that some are available to download right through our website, and some for a small price on our Vimeo On Demand site, which you can access HERE

Why can't I access my f4 sidebar/menu bar when I'm on my phone?

When you login to your f4 plan from your phone, you may see the welcome screen, but not the side bar where you can usually select workout videos, our faith & fitness calendar, etc, etc. So how do you access these features from your phone? As we've shown you in the picture to your left, you'll need to click on that plus sign up above the words, "welcome to your f4 plan membership portal." Depending on your phone brand and the size of your screen, this plus sign might be relatively small or a little larger, but either way, click on that sign and you'll be able to see all the normal side bar selections for your f4 plan!