2 DVD SET - We’ve combined 2 of our favorite DVDS into one package. Get our Total Fitness Beginner DVD. This DVD is a great place to start if you are just getting back into exercise or if you need to do things low impact. Also included in this package is our Total Fitness DVD. When you’re ready to move onto some more challenging exercises you can switch to this DVD. Both DVDs have awesome exercises and offer a variety of exercises.

All Workouts Include Fun, Upbeat, Christian Music and Inspiring Messages.

Here's What Is Included:

Total Fitness DVD: 

Workout #1: Cardio and Strength (30 Min)

Workout #2: PAZAZ - Dance with Abandon (40 Min.)

Workout #3: Strength - Lower Body (18 Min.)

Workout #4: Strength - Upper Body (19 Min.)

Workout #5: Strength - Core (10 Min)

Total Fitness Beginner DVD:

Workout #1: Cardio and Strength  (23 min. Low impact and chair options)

Workout #2 PAZAZ - Get Dancing (40 min. Low impact and chair options)

Workout #3: Total Body Workout (28 min. Low impact and chair options)

Workout #4: Stretch and Worship (25 min)


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