Faithful Workouts' Complete 5 DVD set

Faithful Workouts' Complete 5 DVD set


Want all of Faithful Workouts' encouraging and strength-building fitness DVDs? Now you can have our entire DVD collection for one fantastic price and save over 50%!! That's 5 DVDs for only $29.99

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Never search for another workout again! With our complete DVD collection, you'll never have to worry about going to the gym or a spotty internet connection again - just pop in any one of the 5 DVDs below!

#1 Low Impact - Strengthen & Tone: This DVD is great for beginners, or anyone looking for toning, low impact workouts that will encourage you physically and spiritually! 

#2 Total Fitness Beginners: This DVD is perfect for someone looking for a low impact workout that allows them to go at their own pace.  If you can't get down on the floor, no worries, option shown from a chair. If you have bad knees or a bad back, you can still get a great workout!! 

#3 High Powered Fitness - Cardio & Strength: This DVD is great for those who are more intermediate or advanced and looking for some high energy, strength-building workouts will encourage you physically and spiritually! 

#4 Total Fitness DVD: This DVD includes 5 workouts that will work your upper body, lower body, core and give you a great, overall cardio workout!

#5 Total Fitness 3: Four workouts on all this one DVD! Each 30 minute workouts gives you a total body workouts. Make these exercise routines part of your weekly plan and you can get stronger, have more energy, sleep better... and so much more!