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Monthly Food Focus: During the first week of every month, we will be hosting a food focus challenge. By participating in this challenge, you will receive daily emails about the food group we are focusing on for that week, and you will have the opportunity to join us in our accountability app to ask questions, get feedback and share your progress! The goal of these challenges is to provide motivation, and also to equip you with the information you need to make healthy choices.

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March: Carbs- We know that someone carbs are better than others, but why is that and how can we make the best choices for our body?

April: Fats- Fat gets a bad rep, but we need fat to be healthy! We will be discussing the difference between good fats and “bad” fats and how to make sure we are eating the right kind and a healthy amount.

May: Proteins- Protein is so important for building strong, healthy muscles. In this series we will be talking about ways to get protein that aren’t meat, and how to choose the best quality meats!

Monthly Fitness Focus: Similar to our food focuses, our fitness focus challenge will take place the third week of every month. Every month we will choose a new style of workouts, or will target specific areas of fitness to work on! You will receive access to new videos, be given tips and tricks to help you maximize your workouts, and make sure that you are creating a workout plan that is well rounded and sustainable. These challenges will also offer you the opportunity to connect with our accountability app, and win Faithful Workouts’ prizes.

March: Strength Training- We all know that strength training is so important for our bodies. It helps us burn fat, build muscle and protect our bodies from the effects of aging. We will be teaching you more about how often you should do strength training, what weight to use, and how to do so with proper form.

April: Core & Glutes- Our core and glute muscles are the main muscles that help support our back and hips. Healthy back and hips mean a healthier body over all. Join us as we learn how to effectively exercises these areas of the body while making sure to avoid muscle imbalance, overuse and injury.

May: Cardio- Cardio isn’t everyones favorite, but it is a necessary part of a well rounded workout routine. We will teach you how to add cardio elements to your favorite workouts, as well as talk about the many benefits of getting enough cardio!

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Bible Studies

We aim to offer consistent bible studies on our public Facebook page (Faithful Workouts) These bible studies cover a variety of topics and are meant to be interactive. You will have the chance to ask questions in the comments and get real time responses from Michelle. If you have any ideas of studies that you would like to see, just send an email to

February: Galatians bible study. Every Tuesday night at 8:30pm EST

If you can’t join us live, a link will be sent out every week so that you can watch the video at a time that works for you. To get on our mailing list and sign up for our free plan, enter your email below!


The Faithfully Rooted Retreat is a retreat unlike any other! We combine the traditional aspects of a health and wellness retreat (exercise, healthy food, community and plenty of rest), but we know that in order to be truly restored we need something greater. That’s why every element of our retreat points back to rooting yourself in the truth of who God is, and learning how to live in a way that reflects that. Each day we will have fitness classes in a variety of styles, cooking lessons, and teachings on how to find greater joy, purpose, and health in all areas of life. We’ve expanded our retreat locations and dates, so that hopefully no matter where you live, if God is calling you to join us at a retreat, then He will make it happen for you to be there!

Evergreen, CO:

  • June 6th- 9th

Evergreen CO:

  • August 22nd- 25th

Tampa, FL:

  • October 3rd-6th

Contests & Giveaways:


Social Media Giveaways: We frequently do different giveaways on our Instagram and Facebook pages. Usually you’ll have the option to win a free t-shirt, DVD or gift card if you participate. All it takes is tagging friends, and sharing our accounts with people who you think would benefit from what we offer at Faithful Workouts!

Random Giveaways: Every once in a while we will pick a random day to do a giveaway for things such as how many days you worked out the previous week, if you drank enough water every day, or if you tried a new recipe. The goal of these giveaways is to challenge you to always be making healthy choices because you never know when you might have a chance to win a fun prize!

Fitness & Nutrition Contests: These contests are similar to our fitness and food challenges, but usually they are shorter and are offered through social media. We will challenge you to try a certain fitness video or meet a nutrition goal in order to win fun prizes!

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