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Here at Faithful Workouts, we love food. In general, our rule of thumb about food is this--we believe that God created food, and that we should enjoy the food that God created in its most natural state. We're all about fast, delicious, and healthy, so if you're on board with that, I think you'll enjoy our meal plans and recipes (and keep scrolling down to see some of our fast and fun cooking videos).

If you follow a Vegetarian, Gluten-free or Dairy-free diet, you are at the right place. All our menu plans include recipes to meet your needs.

Bon appetit!

Menu Plans & Grocery Lists

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We want to make your weekly meal planning and trips to the grocery store even more simple! We've developed meal plans that are healthy, affordable and modifiable (for vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free diets), and we've included our plans for the month below. You're free to use (or not use) these plans as much as you want. For some, it may just be a good place to start and get ideas. Our grocery lists are based on our meal plans, but you'll notice that we don't include quantities with our lists - and that's because we have no idea how many you're cooking for and which recipes you will be using! But, again, check your pantry, check over our meal plans and then use our grocery list as more of a starting point.

Or, bookmark this link for future reference:

Nutrition 101:

What's healthy and what's not? Navigating nutrition can be confusing, but on this page, we're all about making it simple. 

1) Sugar vs Our bodies: watch this and learn what sugar does once we consume it.



2) Can you really make fried chicken healthy? The answer is YES! If you've got 7 minutes, I'll teach you how to make some of the BEST fried chicken you've ever had.

Faithful Workouts' Cooking & Nutrition Videos

If you're more of a visual person, then check out some of our cooking videos!