"I can because He did" red tank top

"I can because He did" red tank top


I LOVE this shirt. It's so comfortable and I love the color and the statement. There is something about putting on a shirt that says "I can because He did". It is such a reminder to me that God's Spirit and Power are in me. Why would I fear the world, why would I think I can't make healthy changes, why do I doubt myself - God is with me and for me! 

On my own I am so limited in what I can do but "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me". When I put on this shirt I want to yell out - "Not today Satan. You picked the wrong girl to mess with!"

This shirt runs true to size. It is cut wider in the arm holes which make it great for working out in.  You will see a bit of your sports bra because of the wide holes. 

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