Testimonial Tuesday

What Has Sharon Gained?

Sharon gained peace, patience and so much more. Her story is one of true transformation!

"Faithful Workouts was the spark that changed my life.  I started doing Faithful Workouts primarily for the exercise.  I liked the music, loved Michelle, and found the workouts to be tough and to have a lot of variety.

But that little spark... that constant message about Jesus loving us and wanting us to be healthy so we can better serve him... turned into a flame!  By doing Faithful Workouts several times a week, I found myself thinking about God 7 days a week not just on Sundays.   I found myself to be more calm and peaceful and patient with people because we're all just trying to make our way and to be loved and accepted. The music that Michelle plays just saturates my heart each time I do the workouts and I realize that I'm almost praying while exercising because I'm listening to - and sometimes singing along with - lyrics that are right out of scripture.

I am more fit and healthy as a result of Faithful Workouts.  Not just the workouts but the recipes and tips have helped me to make yummy but easy meals that just happen to be healthy as well. I also find myself listening to K-Love or the Message on in the radio instead of news or pop music.   

So what started as a little spark has really grown to a flame that encompasses my whole life.  I'm reading the bible more now, not because I'm "supposed to" but because I'm curious!  I want to learn as much as I can about the way God wants us to live and how he sent his Son as the example of that life.   I hear Christian songs through Faithful Workouts and I go look up the lyrics because I want to truly understand the message.  I think about what I eat and make an educated decision - is this fuel for my body or junk for my body?    

Michelle really has a way of simplifying things… whether it's boiling down a message in the bible to simple terms, making cooking easy by having limited ingredients and minimal effort, or showing simple options in the workouts, I feel like anyone can just come as they are and Michelle meets them where they are... which is not easy to do over videos or TV but somehow she manages to do just that.

I'm grateful for Faithful Workouts and have plans to keep on going well into my 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!"

Sharon ~