Food Friday

Tips For Exercising and Eating Right While Traveling

Traveling is a big deal! It comes with an endless amount of planning. One of the biggest challenges we've heard people come across is how to eat healthy when away from home. If you travel for business sometimes it can feel like a mad dash. There is not a lot of time to research the healthiest restaurants around, and we all know it usually isn't up to us where we will be dining. The secret is to know how to dine healthy at any restaurant you go to! We're also sharing tips on what snacks to bring for your flight, how to master ordering room service, and carefully choosing what to grab from the endless complimentary breakfast buffets! 

When you go out to any restaurant try to keep these tips in mind. We guarantee you will feel a difference.

1. Choose a restaurant that has healthy options - there are so many great new restaurants that are health conscious.

2. If you know you lose control with bread simply ask them to not bring you the bread basket.

3. Don't even look at the dessert menu!

4. Order water with lemon when you sit down (we often confuse thirst with hunger).

5. Portions in some restaurants can be extremely large. Instead, split a meal or ask them to bring you a to-go box to save half of your meal for the next day.  

6. Check online nutritional information for restaurants to help you make good choices. 

7. Often calories and sugars are hidden in salad dressings and sauces so ask to have them put on the side. 

8. If you order a sandwich or burger only eat half the bun. Bread is my temptation so I often pour a little water on the other half of the bun so I'm not tempted to eat it. 

9. Ask them to prepare your food differently. Request grilled instead of fried and steamed rather than sauteed. 

10. Switch out your sides. Ask for the healthier alternative, such as steamed veggies instead of scalloped potatoes.  

Normally people wait until they board the plane to pay for a bag of chips to cure their munchies during a long flight. After triple checking to make sure you are bringing everything for your trip stash some healthy snacks in your carry on! Bring your favorite type of granola bar, or how about a pre-sliced apple with a packet of Justin's peanut butter. Dry fruit is another snack you don't have to worry about going bad. I suggest trying Turkey Jerky if you naturally crave something savory. It's a much better alternative than beef jerky and has the same delicious taste!

After a long day, maybe you find there is no dinner business meeting on the schedule, so you reach for the phone to order room service. Some of the hotels have done you a favor by marking lighter fares and healthier choices. For those that have failed to do so follow these tips to master ordering a healthy dinner via room service.

  1. Stay away from starch filled meals, and order something that has the most variety of color.

  2. Substitute multigrain bread for white.

  3. Ask for anything grilled not fried.

  4. Avoid ordering comfort food (common crave when away from home).

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When we know we have a long one ahead our eyes tend to be bigger than our stomach. It's rather hard to portion control when you have an endless complimentary breakfast buffet laid out in front of you. Be careful during this part of your trip because it is the most likely time to overindulge. Refrain from using the waffle maker or grabbing a few muffins. It's also a good idea to resist the urge to grab a morning coffee. Stick to fruit, oatmeal, egg whites, high fiber cereals, omelets, and natural juices if available. 

Happy Food Friday!!