31 Day Health Challenge

This Is Your Month!

This is the month you will move towards better health. No diets, no gimmicks 


Picture yourself healthy. By healthy, I don't just mean free of sickness,  I mean healthy - energized, joyful and ready to take on life! This can be your reality. 

To inspire you on this journey we will run a daily challenge throughout the next 31 days. Each day we will give you a challenge - something to move you towards better health.  The daily challenges are posted below.  

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Invite your family and friends to join the 31 Day Health Challenge - having someone to hold you accountable will increase your chances of success!!

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Day 1

Challenge: Drink at least 64 oz. of water today

day 2

Challenge: Exercise with the "Getting Started"  or "TBW #2" (TBW = Total Body Workout)

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Day 3

Challenge: Eat at least 4 servings of fresh vegetables

Day 4

Challenge: Exercise with "Arms, Shoulders and Back" or "PAZAZ" video

Day 5

Challenge: Invite 3 friends to join you on the 31 Day Health Challenge. 

Day 6

Challenge: Limit your added sugar to under 24 grams (doesn’t include the natural sugar in fruits, veggies or dairy)

Day 7

Challenge: Do at least 20 minutes of exercise. If you're looking for a workout that includes cardio, strength, core, balance & flexibility - give this Total Body Workout a try
Click Here for the workout

Day 8

Challenge: Exercise with the "Multi Muscle" or "TBW #3" Video

Day 9

Challenge: Make a healthy meal for a friend, neighbor or someone in need. You do not need to make and deliver today to be entered to win the prize. You need to commit to doing this within the next week. I hope you will give this a try, it's so fun to surprise someone with a home cooked meal. 

day 10

Challenge: Exercise to a Faithful Workouts Video of your choice. 

day 11

Challenge: Eat at least 3 Servings of Fresh Fruit

day 12

Challenge: Exercise to "Low Impact" or "TBW #18"

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day 13

Challenge: Exercise with "Advanced Interval Workout" or "TBW #10"

day 14

Challenge: Eat at least 2 fruits and 2 vegetables

day 15

Challenge: Exercise with "Legs & Glutes" or "Power Stretch" Video

day 16

Challenge: No white flour or white rice (bread, crackers, cookies, pasta)

day 17

Challenge: Exercise outside (walk, bike, cross country ski, snow shoe…)

day 18

Challenge: For the whole day do not eat ANY packaged foods only whole foods like fruit, vegetables, meat, eggs, beans, nuts - tough one but I know you can do it. 

day 19

Challenge: Exercise with "Strength: Fitness Loop", "TBW #1" Video or FW video of your choice

day 20

Challenge:  Limit added sugar to under 24 grams. Natural sugar in fruit, vegetables and dairy is OK.

day 21

Challenge: Exercise with "Minute Madness",  "TBW #6" or any other FW video

day 22

Challenge: Eat a vegetable or fruit that you’ve never tried AND drink at least 64 oz of water

day 23

Challenge: Exercise with "TBW #5" , "Outdoor Beginner Cardio" or any other FW video that you've never tried

day 24

Challenge: Read Romans 12 and write down and memorize your favorite verse

day 25

Challenge: Exercise with the "Advanced Core" , "Core and Stretch" or any other FW video

Day 26

Challenge: Send me an email letting me know how this Challenge has helped you on your journey to better health or Talk to someone about the importance of eating healthy and exercise. Explain to them it's more than just losing weight.

Day 27

Challenge: Do "10 Minute Workout" or "Core, Glutes, Inner Thigh & Stretch" Video

day 28

Challenge: Eat at least 15 grams of fiber

day 29

Challenge: Exercise to your favorite Faithful Workouts Video and let me know which one you did

day 30

Challenge: Drink at least 64oz. of Water and do any Faithful Workouts video

day 31

Challenge: Eat at least 2 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruit, less than 24 grams of added sugar, drink at least 64 oz. of water and exercise for at least 20 minutes