I'm not a runner

I'm not a runner, never have been and most likely never will be BUT I did work the finish line of a marathon.

Today, as I listened to a sermon I was reminded of that day. That day I greeted hundreds of runners who had given it their all. They persevered and finished the race. When they crossed the line they were greeted by cheers and I wrapped them in a little blanket and told them "YOU DID IT!!"

What keeps me moving, gives me tons of excitement, motivates me when I don't feel like going the course is this - When I cross the finish line of life I will be greeted by Jesus and my hope is He looks at me and says, "YOU DID IT. Let me show you how, because you kept your eyes on me, you changed the eternity of that person over there and see that lady over there - yep she heard you that one day, even though you didn't think she was listening" and then He will wrap his loving arms around me and say, "Well done my good and faithful servant"

If I'm just being honest I want you to know I have tears flowing down my face because I want this for YOU too. I want you to live this amazing life filled with joy, peace, and purpose and when you cross the finish line of life I want you to see Jesus smiling to greet you. 

Why not open your heart to Jesus and by that I mean just try talking to him. Open that old Bible and read what Jesus said in the books of Matthew, Mark. Luke and John. I'm praying for all who read this.

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