Faithful Workouts Partners with Remember Nhu

Don't let a post-thanksgiving turkey comma keep you down! Faithful Workouts is partnering with the organization Remember Nhu and giving 10% of all our sales from Black Friday to Cyber Monday (Friday, Nov. 25th to Monday, Nov. 28th) to the organization. So after all the stuffing and pumpkin pie are gone, come and check out our store and help up support the amazing Remember Nhu!

There are so many causes and organizations around the globe that work tirelessly to introduce people to the love and light of Christ, and Remember Nhu is one of our favorites. I personally partnered with this organization in 2015 for a month, and the work they do at Remember Nhu is incredible. Remember Nhu works on the preventative side of sex-trafficking in over 12 countries. What makes them unique is their approach - they work and immerse themselves into the different communities within these countries to try and identify children who are at risk of being sold into the sex industry, or who have been orphaned and may be trafficked.

Remember Nhu sets up childrens’ homes across these 12 countries as a kind of refuge for these children. Each home has house parents from that host country, and it’s there the children are re-adopted so to speak into a new, loving and Christ-centered family. They are given the opportunity to go to school, access to medical care, hot meals, biblical truths and plenty of love. 

The impact that being trafficked and sold into sex slavery can have on a child is enormous, and many organizations work to try and undo the damage and heal the wounds these young boys and girls have suffered. Remember Nhu tries to circumvent the process, so that these children will never be sold into the first place. While I can’t give away too many of the details of what I did with my time at Remember Nhu (the organization always wants to protect the privacy and lives of the children from those who would wish to harm them), I will say it was a transformative experience. Just getting to sit down with some of the children at these homes and hear their stories of struggle and abandonment and loss, only to see the joy and healing they have experienced now through being given this new family, was incredible. The homes are always lead by house parents from the same country the children are from, and run with the help of lots of amazing and qualified volunteers. The homes don't feel like orphanages, they feel like a home, where the younger children sit in the laps of their house parents and the older children help their now brother or sisters with their homework. There is laughter and there are games and pranks and meals shared and prayer lifted up...  Remember Nhu has created a sense of home and family and inclusiveness that is going to change a generation of children. These children are educated, loved, and grow up knowing that they are worthy. These kids will change the next generation of not only their own families, but also their countries, until one day, no child is sold. I have donated my own time and money to Remember Nhu just because I believe in it and have seen the immense good it has done.

Remember Nhu began with the story of one little girl named Nhu (who you saw in the video above) who was trafficked. Overwhelmingly, it is the child’s own family who sells them—often for money to eat and survive—and so was the case with Nhu. Hear more about her story below:

All of us here at Faithful Workouts really wanted to give something back this holiday season, and this is a cause that is very near and dear to our hearts. Come and shop in our store from Black Friday to Cyber Monday and help us bless Remember Nhu!

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