Dance Your Way to Better Health

Our PAZAZ & Power Stretch DVD Is Here!!

Are you looking for an upbeat, fun, challenging, inspiring workout that feels more like you're out dancing then exercising? If so, Faithful Workouts' PAZAZ video is for you. PAZAZ, which means a "strong and powerful dance", is the word used in 2 Samuel 6:14 to describe David dancing and worshipping God in the street. Our PAZAZ video is a fun and challenging way to exercise and a great way to focus on how awesome God is! The time goes by so quickly when you are dancing to the energizing, upbeat Christian music. When the workout is over you won't believe you've been exercising for 37 minutes. When you feel your heart pumping and the sweat flowing you'll know you got a great workout! Eileen, shows you how to PAZAZ in a chair so if it's too much to do it standing or you are recovering from an injury you can still PAZAZ along with us!!

Workout length: 37 minutes. Equipment Used: None

Workout #2: Power Stretch

Michelle will guide you through positions that strengthen and stretch your muscles AND your faith. She weaves into the workout lessons from the story of David and Goliath and explains how those lessons can inspire you on yourr journey to better health. Power Stretch is a unique, uplifting, and challenging workout and one you will want to do over and over again. Options shown for some eercises so this workout is good for all fitness levels.

Workout length: 22 minutes. Equipment used: None

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