Week 5: 

What I Learned From My Mom That You Need To Know

Before I share with you some of what my mom’s taught me, I need to give you a little history on her. She was born in 1930 in Austria. She was an only child with a German dad and an Italian mom. When she was very young her dad suddenly passed away. Her mom had to move to a big city to get work so my mom stayed with her grandparents during the week. Sadly, her grandmother was an alcoholic and at times abusive but she LOVED her grandfather.

Each day she would ride her tricycle to the bus stop and wait for her grandfather to come home from work. One afternoon he didn’t come off the bus. Her lovable grandfather had been hit by a train and he too was dead. 

During the war my mom was shot at by a plane as she ran through a field, narrowly escaped to bomb shelters, stood in lines hoping to get food handouts because they had little money, was forced to shake hands with Hitler and give him flowers - not the ideal childhood,  yet, she still has fond memories that she's shared with me. 

After the war, when she was 18, she moved to Switzerland to nanny and work at the Red Cross Hospital. She then moved to London at 24. It was there that she met my dad. They married and soon moved to the US. They quickly had 3 children (me being the last)

When I was 3, and my parents were 36, my dad died. He shouldn’t have, but he did. When I was 16 my doctor, who knew my day, told me he had some heart issues caused by Rheumatic Fever but the truth was, “He shouldn’t have died, the hospital messed up”.

My mom, who had no family in the country, spoke English but not fluently, didn’t know God, and didn’t have a job,  she didn’t curl up and give up. She kept going. Not only did she keep going she was an awesome mom!

She married a wonderful man about 7 years later and I am thankful they are still married! My mom came to know the love and truth of Jesus when she was 78 years old and has been following Him ever since. 

I've learned so much from her but here are my Top !0!


  1. You, and those you care about, are never too old to discover the truth and love of God. Don’t give up on someone. don’t think they’re too old to ever believe. Pray without ceasing and ask God to open their heart to hear the truth. Ask Him to give you the words to speak to them.
  2. We’re stronger then we think. Did my mom have days when she was alone with 3 little kids in a foreign country that she wanted to run from it all - yep. But she didn’t. Even though she hadn’t acknowledged God, we now know He was there helping her every day. 
  3. Let your kids know you believe in them. If I had to pick one thing I remember my mom saying to me it was this, “If anyone can do it Michelle, you can do it” (I’m 52 and she still encourages me this way)
  4. You can find happiness even when life around you seems to be falling apart. My mom remembers the fun she had playing follow the leader through the woods. Her friends would escape from the war by running into the woods to play. 
  5. OK, now to the more practical - she would tell me, "pretty much everything in your house can be cleaned with vinegar and baking soda". Windows: Water, vinegar and newspaper. Toilets: baking soda. Floors: Vinegar and water. No need for all the chemical filled cleaning products. 
  6. Most aliments can be treated with salt, baking soda, honey and lemon. Sore throat: Gargle with salt water (I so believe this that I told my kids if they won’t gargle with salt water they have to pay their dr. bill). Bee Sting: rub salt over it to get the stinger out.  Bug bites: make a paste out of baking soda and water and apply to the bite. Sore muscles: Epson salt and warm water. Cough: hot tea, honey and lemon (only food I can’t eat is honey so we had some battles over this remedy) Cut that isn’t healing: soak in salt water. 
  7. Shock your body. If we were ever in an outdoor hot tub that was surrounded by snow my mom would tell us to get really hot and then roll in the snow. “Good for the circulation” she’d say as she rolled around. So …. last month I took my son to a great naturopathic dr - guess what she told him to do, “Take a very hot shower, once the body is really heated, turn the water to cold and let it splash on your body - good for your circulation”. Once again, mom was right  
  8. Cook, don’t open packages and warm. She always cooked us a home made dinner. 
  9. Be active. My mom did not participate in any organized sports growing up but when she was 41 she decided it was time to start. She joined the tennis, golf and bowling leagues (and in no time won all the tournaments!), she biked, swam, cross country skied, water skied, down hill skied (which she did until she was 76) and started wind surfing at 65. In my 20’s I was visiting my parents with some friends. I remember my friend saying, “My goal is to be in as good as shape as your mom. I’m not talking when I’m in my 60’s but right now” He had watched my mom start her day with a bike ride, then swim across the lake while pulling her dog (I’m serious, her 120 lb lab “Oliver” sat in the middle of a 5’ circular float and she put the rope around her chest and swam - quite the sight), She then wind surfed and finished the day water skiing. Mind you she was in her 60’s. 
  10. There is always a way for youth give back. You have a purpose on this earth until God calls you home. My mom’s back started to give out on her and she's endured 4 surgeries and horrible pain. At 84, she has a difficult time walking across the room. She also has a severe tremor in her hand that won’t let up. But she can still write with her other arm. She has always had beautiful penmanship and even with her tremor she still writes beautifully. When someone makes a donation to Faithful Workouts I send my mom their address and she writes them a hand written note. She finds just the right card, chooses words she hopes will encourage them and sends off a hand written note. from Faithful Workouts.  

Pretty amazing, is she not. She’s be the first to admit she’s not perfect but my hope is that I can leave behind lessons for my children like this! Your kids, no matter what their age, are watching you. What lessons will you leave then with?

Top 3 Things To Change In Your Diet

I know it can be very confusing when it comes to eating healthy. Packages claim to be "all natural, healthy, low-fat, 0 calories......" It makes is hard to decide what to eat and what to avoid. Here are the changes I believe we all need to start with. 

1. Cut back on added sugar. Added sugar is bad for you. Sugar is addicting, so I know this can be hard to do. I'm not talking about the sugar that is naturally in fruits, vegetables or dairy, but the sugar that is added to foods. Keep asking God to help you to get added sugar out of your diet. Sugar turns into fat in your body and leads to so many of our chronic health issues.  Please, please try to cut back on this.

2. Eat the foods God created in their natural state. He created you. He knows what your body needs. The more natural the food the better. Unfortunately, some foods He created have been damaged due to pesticides and seed modification but it's still better to eat His natural foods then the packaged foods found on the shelves of our grocery stores. 

3. Cut back on white flour.  White flour, because it doesn't have fiber, turns quickly into sugar in our body which as I  already stated it bad for our health.  If you eat bread, the best kind is Organic Sprouted Wheat. My favorite breads are made by Food For Life. Their Ezekiel bread products are great!

If you changed only these 3 things in your diet you would be healthier. You can do it!!

Weekly Goals

Each week you will be asked to set goals. Your goals can be about faith, fitness or food (or all 3). I highly recommend that you write them down and post them on your mirror or someplace you will see them often. When setting goals make them action oriented goals, not result goals.  Stay focused on doing the next right thing and be patient with the results.