Week 4

Consistency is Key

The journey to better health will never be perfect. We will always have days where we mess up. Messing up and quitting are very different. Now hear me when I say this, you will stumble and fall, and at that point you have a choice to make which voice will you listen to?

When we stumble we often think, “Here I go again, I’ve tried to get healthier in the past and I’ve never succeeded, why should I even try.” This is a lie that Satan wants you to believe. Will you listen to his lie?

If you really listen you will also hear God’s sweet voice saying, “I’m here to help you. Don’t worry you can do all things, with my help” and He will extend His hand out to you to help you get up and keep going. 

When you have a bad day; you eat a big piece of cake, you don’t exercise when you said you would……

which voice will you chose to believe? 

If you want to succeed on this journey to better health it is so important that we tune into God’s voice. If we are reading our Bible, praying, listening to Christian music and sermons or doing whatever draws us closer to God, His voice will become louder and more clear. 

Too often we start out of the gate in an all out sprint - I will exercise everyday and I will go on the latest and greatest diet.  This approach rarely works long term. We soon find our enthusiasm fading and our actions falling back into the old way of doing things. 

If you want to live out your life with healthy habits, more energy and physical and spiritual strength - “consistency is key”.  Choose an eating plan that you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life. Don’t choose a diet just so you can lose weight. 

For me, 80% of the time I eat really healthy and 20% of the time I eat somewhat healthy. The key is I consistently do this. I don’t eat super healthy for a week and then completely go and eat unhealthy for a few weeks. I don’t feel guilty or like I’ve “cheated” when I eat somewhat unhealthy I just know this will only be a small part of my food intake. Does that make sense?

Choose an exercise routine that works for your body and make adjustments when needed. I usually exercise 6 times a week, but each time I workout I listen to my body and adjust my workouts according to how my body feels. If I don’t listen to my body and I exercise past my own 100% I risk getting injured or burning out. I love the old Nike saying, “There is NO finish line” I’m not just trying to get in shape for a certain event, I want to be in the best shape I can until God takes me home. 

Consistency is Key - what plan do you need to put in place to help you on this journey?  Think about this, maybe even write down what it ideally looks like. Remember though, if you have a bd day and go away from your plan, you have a choice,

Will you choose to listen to Satan’s lie or God’s voice?

Take a listen to this beautiful song! I pray it lyrics come into your mind and heart!

Weekly Goals

Each week you will be asked to set goals. Your goals can be about faith, fitness or food (or all 3). I highly recommend that you write them down and post them on your mirror or someplace you will see them often. When setting goals make them action oriented goals, not result goals.  Stay focused on doing the next right thing and be patient with the results.