Faithful Workouts' 40-Day Bible Reading Plan!

Will you join us? 
If you know me or you've been around Faithful Workouts for a while, you know I am super big on reading the Bible. There is NOTHING more important than making a connection with God each day and a great way to do that is through his word! My husband, Jeff, my 18 year old son, Quinn, and I committed to each other that we will read the Bible every day for 40 days. I guess you could say it's what we're doing for lent!

I'd love for you to join us in this daily Bible reading. I've created a 40 day reading plan that includes 1 chapter in the Bible for each day. Of course, all of the Bible is God inspired and super important, but in each of these 40 chapters there has been something that has really touched my heart. We can gather on social media and share what God has been speaking to us through His words in the Bible. Invite your friends and family to join and let's do this!


In these videos Michelle shares with you what she learned from each chapter. The reading list is below the videos. You can click on the day to read the chapter online, or you can read it later in your own bible.

Michelle's recap of Days 1-3

Michelle's recap of Days 4-6

Michelle's recap of Days 7-9

Michelle's recap of Days 10-12

Michelle's recap of Days 13-15

Michelle's recap of Days 16-18

Michelle's recap of Days 19-21

Michelle's Recap of Days 22-24

Michelle's Recap of Days 25-27

Michelle's Recap of Days 28-30

Michelle's Recap of Days 31 - 33

Michelle's Recap of Days 34 - 36

Michelle's Recap of Days 37-40