Let's Keep Our Eyes On The Reason For The Season!

I just have to say that it hurts my heart when I hear people talking about how stressed they are because of Christmas. They talk about the presents they haven't bought, the decorations still left to be hung, and all the other things they need to do. At Faithful Workouts, we really want to be intentional this Christmas season about remembering the why behind it all. Jesus came into this world as a humble baby boy, and all of heaven and earth celebrated what would be the victory of God and his people.

We're hoping that if you take just 5 minutes each day to listen you will experience new levels of peace and joy as you're able to take a step back from the hectic nature of the holidays and remember what this Christmas season is really about - Christ!

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Day 1: Heaven

Today, our theme for the day is heaven. Once you accept Jesus as your savior, know that Jesus have gone to heaven to prepare a room for you. Can you imagine what heaven will be like, free from sin and from everything that comes from living in a fallen world? Listen to this song today and imagine!


I can only imagine - Mercy Me

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Day 2: Love

Today, we're focusing on love! God’s love isn’t dependent on my performance – he loves me because he loves me because he loves me! How amazing is that? This Christmas season, we encourage you to get out there and share the love of God for others. There’s nothing that blesses us like sharing the love that God has poured out onto us!

Love take me over – Steven Curtis Chapman


Day 3: Joy

Joy is a big deal in our house (my husband wrote a book titled The Joy Model)! Know that joy is different than happiness – happiness is often times circumstantial—but true joy can be the undercurrent of every Christian’s life. Knowing that our father sent his own son to die for us can enable us to live fully alive, excited and joyful, no matter what life might throw our way.

Joy - Jonny Diaz


Day 4: Purpose

Before I met Jesus, my purpose in life was really about fun – how can I have the most fun possible! I know that might sound shallow now, but without Jesus that was my goal. Jesus truly redeemed my life and gave me a new passion and purpose. I want to share my faith and passions with all of you, and I thank God for that purpose he’s given me. What special, unique purposes has God given you? Pray about that today and let God reignite each day with new purpose and excitement.

Do Everything—Steven Curtis Chapman


Day 5: Peace

Peace – isn’t that something we’re all looking for? Jesus is the source of all peace, and so it makes sense that if we want more peace, then we need to get closer to the giver himself! Jesus’ peace isn’t based on how much insurance we have or how financially secure we are. Jesus’ peace is based on knowing that he is the anchor of our soul, and that no matter what happens, I know Jesus has us in his arms. Thank you Jesus for peace!

It is Well - Bethel and Kristine Dimarco


Day 6: Forgiveness

Forgiveness – this can be hard one, can’t it? There are things in each of our lives that we wish we hadn’t done, and things that we wish others hadn’t done to us. The fact of the matter is, we are all imperfect people, and we are ALL in need of forgiveness. Still, some of us have been so badly hurt by others that true forgiveness really isn’t possible without God’s help. No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, this Christmas season, let go and let God. Don’t continue to carry a hurt or bitterness that Jesus never intended for you to bear.

Forgiveness - Matthew West


Day 7: Faith

The bible tell us that we can’t even take credit for the faith that we have – how crazy is that?! God loves us so much that he introduces himself into our lives when the timing is right, and then, through knowing him, he allows our faith to grow and grow. Having faith in different seasons can be hard, but pray and allow God to increase your faith! Today, think back to all the times God was there for you, and all the prayers that he’s answered and let that help to increase your faith.

Walk by Faith - Jeremy Camp


Day 8: Excitement

God has given me purpose and meaning, and through that purpose and meaning, I feel so excited to wake up each day! Following Jesus isn’t boring or full of empty rules – my life since I’ve started following Jesus has truly been such an adventure! Don’t view your Christian walk as stifling or restricted. God has set us free, and we are free indeed to live lives that are excited and hopeful and full of promise.

Overwhelmed—Big Daddy Weave


Day 9: Health

Given what I do here at Faithful Workouts, health is obviously very, very close to my heart. I truly believe that God wants all his people to live lives that are FULL and free and ready to serve him! Now, not all of us will be perfectly healthy in this life, but I believe that God asks us to take care of our bodies and I am so blessed to be able to partner with him and help others to do just that! 

Strong Enough to Save—Tenth Ave. North



Day 10: Friendship

Friends are truly one of my favorite gifts God has given me. I’m so thankful for all of you –friends that I wouldn’t have had if God hadn’t called me to this amazing Faithful Workouts ministry. I really believe that one day in heaven we’ll truly see the impact our lives have had on others, and I don’t know about you, but I want my life to help point people to love and truth and God. This holiday season, I really challenge you to dig into loving others without expecting they’ll do the same in return. Just love them, as God loves you, and who knows what friendships may arise!

Prayer for a Friend - Casting Crowns


Day 11: Compassion

God is a God of compassion and mercy, and I’m so thankful for that this Christmas season. God feels compassion towards us, and he allows us to feel the same way toward others. You truly, truly cannot overexaggerate the goodness or the mercy of God, and so let’s try and offer up that same mercy to others this Christmas season. Pray and ask God for patience, understanding and mercy.

Mercy—Amanda Cook


Day 12: Bible

The word of God is such a gift and blessing in my life. It has the power to truly change lives! In seasons where we feel like God is silent or far away, we can always open our bibles and find God right there within the pages. The word of God is living and active, and praying certain verses over yourself and your friends and family really can help bring heaven closer to earth. This Christmas, I encourage you to make reading the bible part of your daily routine. Pray that God will speak to you uniquely through his word, and I believe he will answer that prayer every time. So thank you for tuning in with us over the past 12 days, and Happy Christmas from all of us here at Faithful Workouts!

Living Word—Jeremy Camp


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