1.    Exercise is the 2nd most effective way to decrease your risk of Alzheimers. (False, it's the 1st)


2.   The best way to reduce the size of your thighs is to tone the muscles in your thighs. (False, spot reduction doesn't work)


3.   One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is to decrease the amount of fat you eat. (False, it's much more important to decrease sugars)


4.    Your body is 50% water so it’s important to drink at least 45 oz. of water each day. (False, your body is about 70% water and most people need about 64 oz. of water daily)


5.    To improve your fitness level you should exercise for at least 30 minutes at 90%-95% of your Maximum Heart Rate. (False, we don't want to work at 90-95% of maximum heart rate for more than 2 min)


6.    When trying to get to a healthier weight the number one thing to watch is the number of calories you take in. (False, it's much more important that we have nutrient dense calories. We can lose weight if we decrease our calorie count but it doesn't mean we are getting to a healthy weight. )


7.    4 grams of sugar = 1 tsp (True, important to know so you can keep track of your sugar. If something has 24 grams of sugar how many teaspoons does it have? 6)


8.    The best way to increase your metabolism is through cardio vascular exercise. (False, strength training) 


9.    God will love you more when you are a size 2 (True - Kidding!!  God doesn't look at out ward appearances  He looks at our heart. 1 Sam 16:7. But He does want us to take care of the body he has given us)


10.   Stress is the root cause behind 45% of Dr. visits (False, it is estimated to be the root cause of over 75%. Too often we don't think about our stress levels when we are trying to get healthier but you can't obtain optimal health if you are under too much stress.)

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