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faithful: Living God's Way Guidebook

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faithful: Living God's Way guidebook is a twelve week journey that helps the participant take a closer look at the action plan God has for your life and an action plan for better physical fitness. Each week offers messages on faith, fitness and fuel from a Biblical perspective. There is an exercise plan to help you become physically stronger and Biblical plan to help you become spiritually stronger at the same time. This book will help you discover the connection between your spiritual and physical fitness. Build strength in both areas to live the abundant life.

Each weekly reading gives information on healthy nutrition and exercise, as well as a Biblical message to offer encouragement on your journey. Within the book is also guidance for goal setting and a place to journal your thoughts and progress along the way.

Weekly Topics Include: Making Disciples, Tithing: Time, Talent & Treasure and God's Plan, Weight Loss Basics, Healthy Cooking Tips, Top Diet Mistakes, Antioxidants, Cholesterol and Healthy Snacking.

This book is suitable for individuals and for small groups.

Excerpt from faithful: Living God's Way Guidebook


Two weeks ago we focused on being a disciple of Jesus. Last week we focused on how we can build disciples in our home. This week I want us to look into making disciples in our community.

All of us are wired differently. For some of us stepping out to make disciples in our own community can be the most challenging. Here are some of the common challenges people mention.

  1. I can’t make disciples in my community because they know I am not  perfect so why would they listen to me.
  2. I have to face these people everywhere I go. I don’t want them to start to avoid me because I am a “Jesus Freak.”
  3. Isn’t it really their own business what they believe
  4. I haven’t heard God asking me to do this
  5. I don’t know enough about the bible to make disciples of others

Here are my thoughts on each of these issues:

  1. You’re right, you aren’t perfect. Nor is anyone else. The original disciples weren’t perfect. Imagine if they had used the logic that they needed to be perfect first. Think about it, virtually everyone in the bible that points people toward the glory of God is broken, a sinner, a social outcast and somewhat messed up: Moses, David, Nehemiah, Joseph. The list goes on.                                                


After 26 years in the fitness industry I’ve heard all the reasons for not exercising. I completely believe that God wants us to care for our bodies (His creation) so I wanted to help you overcome some of the barriers that prevent people from exercising.

No Time: This is probably the #1 reason I hear. It’s true that we have so much going on in our lives that it makes getting exercise into our schedule really hard. The first thing I recommend to help you find the time is to schedule it. Write it in your day’s plans. If you haven’t been able to find the time to workout start by scheduling 2 workouts a week, after a few weeks move it up to three a week and keep going until you are able to find time for 5 a week.

Don’t feel like you have to reserve a full hour or more. If you only have 20 minutes schedule that. I know there are days where even 20 minutes is too hard to come by. On those days make the most of every opportunity to get a minute of exercise. Park in the furthest parking spot and fast walk to the entrance. If you have household chores or yard work to do make it a workout by moving at a quick pace. Get up a few minutes early and do some pushups before jumping in the shower. There are so many small ways to squeeze it in.



  • Fat Substitutes.  If a recipe calls for ½ cup butter you can actually use ¼ cup butter and replace the other ½ with a fruit puree (mashed fresh fruit). I usually use applesauce or mashed bananas. We made brownies the other day and used lots of mashed bananas and they tasted great!
  • Reduce the Sugar. You might think “I can’t just reduce the sugar” but the truth is you can. Try using only 75% of the recommended sugar. If you also substituted fruit puree for some of the fat, you can actually reduce the sugar by up to 50%. The fruit puree adds extra sugar.


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