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Challenges for the month!

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1.     Gift a bible to someone: This is the month of gifts, after all! Buy a bible (or find one used) and wrap it up and give somebody the gift of life this holiday season.

2.     Spend an hour each week reading over the Christmas story: If you go to church, this is the month you’ll likely go through the story of Jesus’ birth. And even though it’s the same story we’ve read a thousand times, ask God to reveal something new about the birth of our savior this year. Spend time reading and reflecting over just what Jesus’ birth and life mean to you. 

3.     Plan before parties: Tis the season for holiday parties. Parties with work, friends, family, everyone! We all know that holiday parties mean holiday treats, so this month, plan ahead. If you know there won’t be anything but desserts at the party, eat something before you go! If you know it’ll be hard to resist snacking at the party, then bring your own healthy snacks like dried fruit (make sure it doesn’t have added sugar) or your own trail mix. 

Printable Goal Sheets for December

Studies show that when we establish goals and write them down we increase our success rate. Just click the button below to print and then write in your weekly goals.

Ideally, your goals will be action oriented and not about the results. Too often we set a goal like "lose 3 lbs." and even though we make healthy changes we don't lose the weight that week. This frustrates many and causes them to quit. Set your goals based off actions, "I will exercise at least 3 times for 30 minutes each. I will limit my added sugar to less than 24 grams."

We want you to reach your goals so we encourage you to print out this sheet, fill in your goals and hang it where you will see it often.  

Just click on the date and you will see your inspiring verse/quote for the day. Then click on beginner, intermediate or advanced and you will see your workout for the day. (If there's more than one workout listed for a day, then do both!)

After you click on a day on our calendar, to return to this page, simply click the "back" button on your browser [don't click 'back to events']

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