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Faith & Fitness Calendar

Calendar for March

Just click on the date on the calendar below and you will see your inspiring verse/quote for the day. Then, click on beginner, intermediate or advanced and you will see your workout for the day. (If there's more than one workout listed for the day, then do both!)

And right below our Faith & Fitness calendar, you'll see that we've detailed 3 "challenges" for you this month. We're hoping these challenge keep you motivated toward both your physical and spiritual health goals!

After you click on a day on our calendar, to return to this page, simply click the "back" button on your browser (don't click 'Back to events')

Printable Goal Sheet for March

Studies show that when we establish goals and write them down, we increase our chances for success. Just click the button below to print your goal sheet. Once you print, you can write in your own weekly goals. Ideally, your goals will be action oriented, and not as focused on a specific result. Too often we see goals like, “lose 3 lbs,” and even though we make healthy changes that week, maybe we don’t lose the weight. This can frustrate us and cause burnout. Set your goals based off actions, “I will exercise at least 3 times for 30 minutes each. I will limit my added sugar to less than 24 grams.”

We want you to reach your goals as much as you do! We encourage you to print this sheet off, fill in your own goals and hang them where you can seem them (like on your fridge or bathroom mirror). 

Monthly Challenges

  1. Read a book of the bible this month that you’ve never read before
    • Never gone all the way through Deuteronomy? Or Lamentations? Let this month be the month that you get all God’s word has to offer! (If you’ve already read through every book once, then congrats! and just pick one you haven’t read over in a while)
  2. Be active at least 3 times every week
    • Being active can mean doing one of our fabulous, total body workouts, or it can mean going on a run or hike with a friend.
  3. Respond in love
    • Sometimes, the people in our life can frustrate us and make us lose our patience. This month, whether it’s your family or coworkers or even your friends, take a minute before you respond to something hurtful, and instead of responding out of anger, respond out of love. Let God speak through you and see how people’s attitudes change this month!

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